Register in tax inspection at the place of residence as the individual businessman, in the same register cash register, you will be required to trade in tobacco products. Be sure to sign a contract for the servicing and repair of cash register equipment (cash registers) at the technical center.
A standard set of documents for opening a tobacco shop includes a contract with the fire and trade inspectorates, the CPS and SES. No special license for the tobacco store is not required.
Decide the site of the future store. In the administration of the city or town pick up non-residential premises with the area from 30 to 50 square meters. Rent needs to be municipal and inexpensive. Well if the room will be located in the passage, a meaningful place in the alley and not on the margins. Pay attention to the building itself, its appearance and interior decoration, which may need repair and a good design, furniture and interior. This tobacco store is important and will attract solid clients.
Buy to store cigars and tobacco special displayed in walk-in wardrobe. It maintains a constant temperature and humidity.
Equip the store with a surveillance camera and install a fire alarm. Advertise online and create a website to attract customers.
Order a sign for your store? Then check it with the Department of architecture and urban planning, as the shop signs relate to outdoor advertising.
Give an ad in the newspaper about the recruitment of sales consultants who understand the specifics of the trade and well aware of the range, the cashier and the Manager to address issues and management of the store, of course, if you are going to do this personally.