Poor provision of services in any area is the basis for claims by consumers. Customers of such services often do not know what to specify in the claim, which demand from the unscrupulous executor. When writing a complaint, should the provisions of the law "On consumer rights protection", which defines the range of possible user requirements, applications of each of them. It is also important to maintain evidence to support the issue of claims to the contractor because the complaint procedure is only allowed a small proportion of disputes involving consumers, and the data are the documents required for court.

What to put in a claim for poor quality of service?

The claim must be submitted to the address of the contractor indicated in the upper part of the letter. Immediately after it will contain the personal information of the consumer, and then outline the requirements to the contractor. In the description of the actual circumstances, it is important to refer to specific documents that shaped the relationship between the customer and confirm payment for the service consumer.

As these documents are usually the contracts, invoices, receipts, payment orders, receipts, receipts. After describing the factual circumstances you should briefly outline the normative basis of the claimed requirements. It is recommended to use the provisions of the civil law, and, if necessary, the provisions of the law "On protection of consumers' rights.

What are the requirements to declare the claim?

In the final part of the claim the consumer lists specific requirements for contractor services. Many customers do not understand exactly what the requirements you can claim poor performance. So, about the full refund can only speak in the case when as a result of work or services identified significant deficiencies. In other cases, the user can choose among the following options: removal of all deficiencies by the contractor without any extra cost, reducing the cost of services based on identified problems provide secondary service at no extra cost, payment by of expenses incurred by the customer to address the deficiencies. After listing the requirements the customer has to put their own signature on the claim, transmit it to the contractor under signature or sent by registered letter, requiring the postal receipt of the notice.