Option 1. Bodies for the protection of the rights of consumers

The first step in case of violation of consumer rights should be an appeal to the regional court responsible for the enforcement of these rights. First of all, it is the regional offices for consumer protection, which is legal advice and are accepted on organizations that violate these rights. The application should enclose all the original documents, cheques, payment forms, as well as documents confirming the fact of violation of consumer rights. All of this will be attached to the application, and the division will be issued a notice to the organization, which received a complaint. In an extreme case can be drawn up on an administrative offense may be filed in court.
Option 2. Private legal practice in consumer protection

If the person whose rights have been violated, does not want to delve into the legal aspects, it may enter into a contract for the provision of services for the protection of their rights. The company will collect the documents confirming the fact of violation of consumer rights, will make a statement in court and will protect the rights of the plaintiff in this case. Such services are quite expensive, but in this case the chance that the judgment will be in favor of the victim, will be much higher.
Option 3. Criminal liability

Sometimes goods and services available on the market may be criminal in nature. Counterfeit products and negligent services rendered could be a target of law enforcement interest, such as internal Affairs, economic crimes, etc. In such cases, the victim must make a statement in these bodies, the result of which may be detention of suspects in criminal negligence in the sale of goods and rendering of services. Will be prosecuted, after which the criminals will be punished in the form of a hefty fine or possibly imprisonment.