You will need
  • - the order for the execution of works;
  • - receipt, a voucher for payment for the services;
  • - documentation on the car;
  • - passport;
  • - details of the service center.
In the right corner of the application (claim) write the name of the addressee, that is the name of the dealership (contractor), as well as the personal data the position of head of the organization where you provided poor service, replaced for the faulty item and so on. Now enter your name, initials, address, and phone number (mobile, stationary), according to which the administration of the dealership may contact you.
In a substantial part of the claim, write the date of rendering of services in this service, name, brand of car that was repaired by contractor. As a rule, replacement of parts, Troubleshooting is performed on the basis of the order, enter the document number. Enter the cost of services in words and figures in accordance with a check, voucher or receipt (depending on which document confirms the fact of payment of services in a particular service). Specify what the warranty was installed for the performed work (of course, if it is installed). Write what you discovered during operation of the vehicle.
If, because of a car breakdown, an accident occurred, indicate this. Write in what size you caused the damage (if any). For example, payment of towing from the accident scene. Attach supporting documents (receipt, receipt).
Recalling article 29 of the law "On protection of consumer rights", put your request re-rendering of services of payment of another service (which eliminated the disadvantages), a full refund on the order, of compensation. Enter the period during which the service need to correct the problem, return the money. Note that the above law establishes that the contractor shall pay a penalty in the amount of 3% of the cost of services per every day of delay. Therefore, at the conclusion of the contract with the service monitor this requirement at the time of signing documentation.
Put on the claim the date of its issuance, your personal signature. Attach to the claim a copy of the check, receipt or coupon. One copy of the documentation to send the leadership of the service center, ask to be put on the claim mark on documents acceptance. Another instance of Express. In case of refusal to accept your claim, send documents by mail to the address of the service with a return receipt requested.