You will need
  • - panthenol;
  • ointment "Rescuer";
  • - aloe;
  • - olive oil;
  • cream or sour cream;
  • - sea buckthorn juice or oil.
Of course, to prevent the appearance of redness after sunburn easier than then trying to remove it. Therefore, it is important to observe the basic rules of stay under the scorching sun. Always lubricate your skin before sunbathing special means of protection with a high SPF level. After-sun bathe and lubricate the skin with special lotion, cream or milk.
To speed up the healing process of sunburn and reduce the redness, make use of the most popular and effective drugs. In the fight against redness of the skin become popular pharmacy products that contain panthenol. They have a pronounced cooling effect, contribute to the restoration and healing of skin cells. Such means are in the form of ointments, creams, and sprays. For whole body treatment it is more convenient to use spray. Ointment "Lifeguard" - a great tool for the treatment of sunburn. Its principal properties include antibacterial, regenerative, analgesic and calming effect on the skin.
To remove the redness after sun exposure will help the juice of aloe leaves, which contain substances that contribute to inflammation and pain, and healing of the skin. Cut off a few aloe leaves, wash them and chop, squeeze the juice and lubricate the problem areas. If you have no home of this miracle plant, then you can buy in a drugstore gel or cream aloe-based. Use olive oil to combat sun burns. Apply olive oil is the first pressing on the affected skin, RUB in gently and leave until absorbed. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure again.
Eliminates redness heavy cream or sour cream. Immediately lubricate the skin after taking a shower, you'll immediately feel the relief quickly subsides burning. After an hour, rinse the cream off the body and apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream, in which you want to add a bit of sea buckthorn juice or oil (this berry is perfectly struggling with sun burns).