You will need
  • - sour cream or cream;
  • oil;
  • - remedy against burns.
Lubricate the skin with fat sour cream. Dairy products is enough to quickly relieve the redness and burning. After a short period of time, the redness will begin to subside. As soon as you feel better, rinse the cream from the skin, otherwise it will become smelly. After shower apply to the skin moisturizing or nourishing cream. If you have sea buckthorn oil, mix a generous helping of cream with a 5 ml oil and apply on the body. Sea buckthorn promotes healing of the skin and eliminates the burn.
To cope with the burn and relieve the redness and will help other oils: sunflower, olive, camphor, or burdock. Apply on the body a little oil, lightly massage and wait until it will be absorbed. The procedure is repeated to complete discomfort 2-3 times a day. Of course, olive oil is superior to other, but if you don't have one, use any. Do not use too much oil, it will be very difficult to wash off even with using the shower gel, because reddened skin is impossible to RUB a washcloth.
Go to the drugstore and look at the tools against sunburn. Buy any which fits your price. Use the cream according to the directions on the packaging, but not often. Such funds may be added to medicinal components, the excess of which can lead to poisoning.