If such trouble happened, the first step is to take a cool shower with moderate water pressure, without the use of soap or gel. Not necessarily dry your skin, it will be enough to turn around in a cotton soft towel. After that, it is useful to take analgesic to relieve the discomfort. Burns is very strong dehydration, therefore, the consumption of several liters of fluid a day should be the norm for a person burnt in the tanning bed. For this purpose perfect cool mineral water or warm green tea.The charred skin you should apply a special anti-burn cream. If not – you can replace it with sour cream or yogurt. Then go to a cool place and rest a few hours and then rest to repeat the procedure. Also, to alleviate the condition will help lotions from chilled green tea, aloe or chamomile. All of these components perfectly cool the skin and relieve the pain. It will be enough just to soak in the broth a cloth and apply to the burnt place. If affected skin, then you can use a mask of fresh cucumber, grated on a fine grater. The exposure time of a mask – 15-20 minutes. Also, burns good help mask of oatmeal. The flour must be mixed with water, mix well and allow to cool. Then apply on the skin for 15 minutes after the time rinse with cold water.You should always remember that very severe burns can lead to heat stroke and swelling of the skin, and therefore it is necessary to closely monitor their condition. If suddenly the temperature rose, began dizziness or nausea, get medical attention immediately.For that of skin burns from happening, increase the time of a visit to the Solarium should be gradually, and not to tan too often. The optimal time and frequency of tanning – 7-10 minutes every two days. Do not forget about the use of protective creams.