Treatment of blisters

If you notice that a sunburn is accompanied by blisters, in any case, do not try to remove them by squeezing, it will lead to the appearance of edema. Such actions can be quite painful, in addition, the open wound can become infected. The blisters usually sohranyayutsya within a few days. Suffer and wait until they pass themselves.

If the skin produces large blisters that cause you severe discomfort, try to remove the contained liquid. To do this, not sterilize a large needle with alcohol and make a hole with the edge of the blister. Gently press out the accumulated liquid and wipe the wound dry, clean gauze. If you feel sick, has a fever or dizzy, be sure to contact your doctor.
Before you perform any action with blisters, be sure to wash your hands.

Treatment of the wound

To prevent infection in the area of edema, use special ointments. Suitable for this purpose, for example, polymyxin and bacitracin. Please note that these drugs can cause an allergic reaction. Before you apply, check them out, dealing a small amount of ointment to intact skin area.

For disinfection of edema can also use the leaves of aloe or lotion of this plant. Try not to RUB it too hard, the skin surface needs to remain wet to prevent further damage.


Once the swelling is treated with cream or a solution of aloe, it is necessary to wrap it with a gauze bandage. It will prevent its contact with clothing and appearance, so the new complications. Cut a piece of gauze of the required size and fasten it on the wound using adhesive tape. Please note that this patch needs to be free, minimize the contact of gauze with the surface of the swelling.
Try to wear loose and light clothing as long as the blisters and swelling completely go with your skin.

Treatment of infections

If you find swelling, accompanied by yellow, purulent secretions, additional redness, as well as a characteristic odor, most likely, the wound got infection. To treat such injuries with a special antibiotics, in severe cases, you need to go to the doctors. Symptoms indicating the need to seek medical help: weakness and dizziness, pale and clammy skin, severe swelling pain, nausea, chills, painful reaction of the eye to bright light etc.