You will need
  • -ointment or spray "Panthenol";
  • ointment "Rescuer";
  • -milk, sour cream or yogurt;
  • -raw potatoes;
  • -aloe juice;
  • -alcohol-free lotion.
Try the traditional method – a compress of cool yogurt, sour cream or milk, which can reduce irritation and itching of the skin. Because of proteins contained in dairy products, the skin forms a protective layer. It prevents the evaporation of moisture that is required to restore the affected areas.
In the first few days after burn can applied on the affected areas alcohol-free lotion with aloe or the fresh juice of this plant. Aloe has anti-inflammatory effect, good painkiller, it moisturizes and cools burned skin.
In the treatment of burns helps to relieve inflammation and reduce discomfort mask of raw grated potato or raw egg whites.
You can use to treat a sunburn medications that contain panthenol. They have a pronounced cooling effect and promote rapid healing. These drugs are available usually in the form of ointments or sprays. These same properties ointment "Rescuer", which can be used in the treatment of burns in children. With the defeat of the entire body, it is preferable to use sprays.
Drink more green tea and pomegranate juice. These drinks have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and contain plenty of antioxidants, neutralizing the harmful effects of UV light. Please note that a sufficient amount of these substances is also contained in fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.
Never wash the burnt places with soap and water, do not RUB the skin greasy creams and do not use cosmetic products that contain alcohol. To moisturize flaky skin use lotions at least three times a day.
Do not attempt to remove dead skin that will appear as the wound of the affected areas. It will not speed up the healing process, but will only aggravate it. Often moisturize the skin and provide it exfoliate naturally.
In severe burns, accompanied by headache, fever, chills and the appearance of bubbles should not self-medicate. In this case, only a doctor will be able to choose the most effective and safe method of therapy.
The most important thing in the treatment is to prevent the emergence of new burns! Often apply sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB radiation. Within a few days it is advisable to refrain from visiting the beach. Remember that the abuse of sunbathing affects health and beauty.