Useful tips

If after a long stay in the sun on the skin burns and redness, you need to gently remove the top layer of dead skin which has suffered badly from excess ultraviolet radiation. To perform this procedure at home. To do this you need a body scrub. Recommended to buy it at the pharmacy. Before buying, be sure to read the instructions for use.

When choosing a scrub you need to carefully inspect the product, paying attention to the content of the abrasive particles. They don't have to be hard and sharp. In this case, scrubs with grape seed or apricot will not do. Best option sugar scrub contains natural oils of almond, olive or avocado. It is excellent exfoliate dead skin cells, gently moistening the surface of the skin. This procedure will return the firmness and smooth appearance of the body.

Hydration of the skin

To avoid sunburn, is necessary before sunbathing be sure to moisturize the skin. Thus, she will not get off.
As a moisturizer you can use a special cream or prepare a blend to nourish the skin alone.

When choosing a moisturizer for sunburn carefully read its composition. Preference for cosmetic products, comprising extracts of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, aloe Vera or calendula. This cream is not only perfectly moisturizes the skin surface, but also will accelerate her recovery.

After sun also do not forget about moisturizing the skin. In this case, you can use simple means: yogurt, cream or sour cream.
It is worth noting that dairy products are perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, improving its elasticity.

If you do not have dairy products, perfectly suited buckthorn or olive oil. They should regularly lubricate the skin to avoid the negative consequences after tanning.

Strengthen the body

We should not forget that if peeling off the skin after sunbathing is not only an external issue. Remember: in the human body everything is interconnected. If the surface of the skin got burned, it must start to support from the inside. This will help vitamins and minerals, balanced fluid and electrolyte balance.

With regular sunbathing to avoid burns and negative effects, you should increase the daily fluid intake to 2.5 liters. Lot especially should drink milk because it contains protein which is needed to restore skin cells. Also experts recommend taking during the day with natural juices, green tea without sugar and mineral water.