Open the package of "Regulon". You will see that one of the drug blister contains 21 white tablet color. Take a pill with the number "1" on the first day of the onset of menstruation. Wash it with water. The next day drink the next tablet under the number "2" and so on for 21 days until all the pills in the package.
After taking the last pill from the package, make the week (exactly seven days) break. At this time you have to go next month. Start taking the first pill from the new package "Regulon" on the 8th day after the break, even if the month occurring during the break period, is not over.
Take every tablet of "Regulon" in one and the same time of day, for example, in the mornings or evenings only. If you have forgotten to take a pill in the morning, take it in the evening, but still try not to break the time of taking the drug. Remember that irregular reception, "Regulon", skips the next tablets significantly reduce its contraceptive properties, and then bring them to nothing.
To delay the onset of menstruation break in reception of tablets from new packing "Regulon" don't do it. Immediately take after drinking the first pack with the first pill. Often, however, it is not recommended, as it may have the appearance of the so-called "bleeding" or offensive breakthrough menstruation.
Talk to your doctor about the contraindications to the "Regulon" because of persons who do not take the drug in various diseases, quite a lot.