If you plan to change one drug to another, or go with the barrier methods for preformed protection from unwanted pregnancy, as well as, if you never used any drugs of similar action, contact your GYN and get a recommendation for reception.
To use any hormonal drugs only on prescription. If you are advised to "Yarinu" friend or acquaintance, it does not mean that you drug is suitable in the same way as her. So no matter for what reason you are planning to use "Arinoi", get some expert advice.
The medication contains the blister 21 tablet, take it inside with a small amount of liquid in order at the same time. If you have not taken any contraceptives, the first tablet you will be assigned to take on the first day of the menstrual cycle, then take a seven day break and continue the appointment on the same scheme. During a break will occur menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding, which usually begins 2-3 days and ends at the time of reception of the next tablet. If you started taking "Yasmin" is not the first day, and for example, two through five, use the additional barrier methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
When switching from one oral contraceptive, which had 21 pill, "Yarinu", have previous blisters last pill, take a break of 7 days, on the eighth day take the first tablet from the package "Yasmin", after 21 days make a seven-day break. With the mini-pill the transition to "Yarinu" can be carried out without interruption. If you have been taking 28-day contraceptive, immediately after taking the last twenty-eight tablets out of the blister, the next day, begin taking "Yasmin".
After the conducted medical abortion begin taking "Yasmin" on the first day after surgery. If the abortion occurred in the second trimester to start taking "Yasmin" at 21-28 day.