A vivid example of the owner of the cross on the ring finger, as a religious manifestation is Miley Cyrus. To date her body has 18 tattoos. Among them you can see a small cross on the inner side of the ring finger. Miley often mentions that is a Christian and believes in God. The cross on her ring finger bears a religious significance.

In the social sense, the cross can mean that the owner of this tattoo grew up without a father or his loss, if depicted on the ring finger of the long end in the direction of the brush. If the cross on the finger is a long end to the fingers, it denotes that its owner has placed great importance on friends while living "in the circle of friends".

In the criminal world image small crosses on hands, fingers, on his chest and his temple are considered to be mostly symbols of female thieves. These crosses could also mean that its owner was convicted of a minor.

But among men there are tattoo with a cross, which can also mean the condemnation of a minor and convicted the St. Petersburg prison, or, as it is called - Crosses. Many of the prisoners with the help of these crosses Express discontent with the verdict. So often on the ring fingers represent the rings with the cross, which have different values.

An important aspect for the interpretation of the tattoo crosses is the type to which it belongs. This can be the Celtic cross, which has an extraordinary beauty and has a deep meaning. The beauty of it lies in the complex execution of intricate patterns and meaning hidden in Celtic tribes and symbolizes spiritual growth and masculine.

Pagan cross usually symbolizes the male and female or the four cardinal directions (North, South, West, East).

Another view of the cross – iron, which in the 14th century was a symbol of the Teutonic knights, later symbolized German war (1870), and today it is considered that the iron cross carries the meaning of strength and honor.

Gothic cross, although not fraught with religious significance, but is basically a Christian cross.

The Christian cross, in turn, can be represented in two main ways: Latin a simple wooden cross or crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Latin cross is a symbol of the Orthodox religion and the Christian faith. As a rule, stands out for the minimalism in the picture – simple wooden cross with right angles. Form of the Latin cross was symbolized by the divine manifestations before the advent of Christianity. For example, in Egypt the cross was a symbol of kindness.

Symbols appeared together with man, accompanies him throughout his life. For some, playing symbolism become an exciting hobby, for others – the true meaning of life. The symbolism of tattoos can be very interesting, and sometimes scary and unpleasant.

Tattoo of crosses, mostly, do not have particularly negative values, but to unravel the true meaning is quite difficult and the only one who knows it for sure is the owner of the cross itself.