Vulcanology circle is the circle made on the basis of rubber (vulcanized synthetic rubber, abrasive materials and special additives). Its main function is to minimize prezihov and burrs when processing material, high-quality grinding coolant and polishing, cutting tools, metal cutting. Vulcanicola circles are of two types - flexible and rigid.

Flexible vulcanology round

Elastic circles are made from a mixture of rubber and abrasive material by extrusion and vulcanization, thereby eliminating the knurling on the round a special grinding powder and subsequent drying. In addition, does not require recovery of the abrasive layer.
Flexible vulcanite was widely used for finish grinding and polishing different alloys (stainless steel, titanium and heat resistant alloys, complex shaped products).

During operation, the surface of the circle takes the shape of the treated surface.

Hard vulcanology round

Tight circles is increasingly used for polishing and cutting, but have some features:

- ensures superior surface finish;
- increased resistance profile and resistance to impact loads;
- high density and low heat resistance, which leads to a temperature increase in the focus of treatment, covering of pores between grains and rapid curing of the circle.

Grinding vulcanology round

This type of circles is exclusively designed for superior polishing of the metal and subsequent polishing. But if this circle long to grind metal, it is possible the removal of hundredths of a millimeter from its surface. This property is successfully used "sharpeners" - we have specialists dedicated exclusively to sharpening various cutting tools.

Polishing vulcanicum circle is done after the final shaping of the workpiece. When processing metal, the optimum number of revolutions is considered to be 2500-3000. After machining the vulcanite, you can further Refine the felt circle with pre-applied paste GOI.

Using vulcanologia circle can be "forced" to Shine any metal and stainless steel, convenient to remove small rust, to sharpen cutting tools.
Vulcanology the circle is often used for home and commercial needs.