Advice 1: Some cheap copies have "Yasmin"

"Yasmin" is one of the best drugs to prevent pregnancy. But is there anything like this drug and whether it can be replaced, and most importantly, is it worth it?
Some cheap copies have "Yasmin"

Analogues of the drug "yasmin"

Analogs of this contraceptive can be divided into two categories: similar in composition and similar in effect, but the composition is different.

The first category includes:
- "Jess";
- "Midian";

The second category is much broader than that. Here are the drugs that are most popular:
- "Lindinet 20";
- "Marvelon";
- "Novinet";
- "Regulon";
- "Jeanine".

If the doctor prescribes it "Yarinu", most likely, this is evidence because this drug differs from other.
Most of the side effects "Yasmin", according to doctors, there if medobsledovanie and willfully taking the drug.

Who and why appointed "Yarinu"

It is believed that the drug "yasmin" effectively reduces the risk of the following diseases: cancer of the uterus and ovaries, inflammation of the genital organs, an ectopic pregnancy. There is a possibility of reducing the risk of mastitis and breast cancer while taking this drug and during menopause reduces the risk of osteoporosis (reduced bone density).

Doses of hormones in the drug are low. In addition to the contraceptive effect, it has antimineralokortikoidnym action, i.e. reduces fluid retention in the body and the associated swelling. The drug is pronounced antiandrogenic effect, and it means that taking it with an excess of male hormones in the body suppresses them. Therefore, the "yasmin" often is assigned with medical and preventive properties.
For a long time there were rumors about the harm of any hormonal contraceptives, and to some extent they were justified: the first drugs had a lot of shortcomings.

Drugs similar to "Arena" the composition generally have a similar effect. Thus, drugs ", Dilla" and "Jess" all copy "Yarinu" the composition and action. "Midian", despite the similar composition, the antiandrogen has no action, but nevertheless similar to natural progesterone. The drug "DIMIA" less than the other, expressed antimineralocorticoid effect.

The right to select such serious drugs as hormonal contraception can only be a qualified doctor. So do not look for analogues assigned to the drug and look for cheaper drug. All hormonal contraceptives are at relatively the same price range. The risk of various side effects is much higher in self-medication.

Advice 2 : What are the side effects from "Yasmin"

In the web you can find quite a lot of negative feedback about the drug "yasmin". At the same time, the opinions of doctors about this oral contraceptive is mainly positive, it is often prescribed for hormonal disruptions.
What are the side effects from "Yasmin"

Side effects

This files most often among the side effects "Yasmin" is the chest pain and nausea. These symptoms were observed more than 6 percent of women taking the drug.
In different cases "yasmin" can contribute both to set and reset the weight.

In addition, as with many other oral contraceptives "yasmin" increases the risk of blood clots and blockage of blood vessels. That is why it is believed that it is only with caution should appoint women who smoke.

Among the other common "side effects" reaction from the nervous system (depression, unreasonable mood swings, depression), changes in libido (and they can be both upwards and downwards, or even complete loss of interest in sex).

Venous or arterial thromboembolism is less common. In some women there is enlargement of the breast. Sometimes there are separation and bleeding from the vagina, discharge from mammary glands.
Among the rare side effects – mnogomorfnaya erythema (skin reaction).


If you accept the "Yarinu", should be attentive to his condition and to pay special attention to the possibility of the appearance of symptoms associated with more severe adverse effects.

For example, with the risk of thrombosis during administration of the drug associated symptoms such as severe and sudden headaches; severe swelling (if it is generally uncharacteristic for you), pain in the limbs; unusual vision problems (blurred vision, double vision, etc.); pressive pain in chest, Arcania blood.

More "yasmin" has a diuretic effect. In the long term it can lead to problems with the gall bladder. You should pay special attention to the following symptoms: diarrhea, nausea, bloating, jaundice.

How often any side effects from the medicine?

It should be noted that a unanimous opinion on the safety of "Developed" among the specialists there. However, doctors are inclined to estimate its effects are mostly positive. She has been nominated not only as a contraceptive but for treatment of hormonal failure, irregular and painful menstruation, chronic premenstrual syndrome and even acne (acne).

Many women who take this drug for years, without noted no side effects whatsoever.

However, the appointment of any oral contraceptive should only be individual. Remember that choosing the best medication can only qualified physician.
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