Advice 1: How to register in the personal Cabinet Megaphone

Registration in the personal Cabinet Megaphone gives you the opportunity to manage the mobile phone account, to change the rate, plug in different options to disable the paid services of the service provider and to be aware of all news.
personal account MegaFon registration
You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - access to the Internet.
To obtain a registration of personal account, MegaFon send a blank message to the number 000110 request or dial *105*00#. In reply you will receive your login and password from the personal Cabinet.

You can call the number 0505 and follow the instructions of the operator or wait for the response of a specialist and ask him to register you in the personal Cabinet the Megaphone.

To log in MegaFon through the Internet on the home page or through a special application from their mobile phone. To work on the website of MegaFon, select your branch and in the field input, enter phone number, password and security code.

Register in the personal Cabinet the Megaphone can also be through a social network Vkontakte by the application "my account Vkontakte". It can enter through all modern mobile devices. When you install and first open the app on your desktop will be convenient icon, clicking on which you can enter your personal Cabinet a Megaphone. For future use the personal account to enter personal information no longer needed, which will be very convenient to users.

Advice 2 : How to know the password of the service guide

The onlineservice of the population gradually even the government. Reasons for a personal visit to the office of the mobile operators have almost gone. For independent management of services by network subscribers "the Megaphone" there is a convenient online tool called "Service Guide". But to use it, you first need to get the password.
How to know the password of the service guide
Send from your mobile phone MegaFon empty SMS-message to number 000110. Wait until your request is processed. Your username and password to enter the system will come in reply SMS message.
Send from your phone USSD-command *105*00#. Wait for request to be processed. Reply message with your username and password will be sent to you via SMS.
Call from your phone MegaFon toll free number 0505. If necessary, activate the on-screen keyboard. Following the voice prompts, navigate to "plans & services". Select "Change of password Service-Guide" - "Generate random password". The answer will come to you in the form of SMS messages.
Please note that the room 0505, you can change the password by installing your own, which you will be easier to remember. To set a custom password, you first need to enter the generated for you system.
Use the web interface to generate a password. To do this, follow the link on the login page of the system. Enter your phone number in 10-digit format in the designated field. Click on the "Get password". The answer you receive via SMS text message.
Click the link to order password
Log in system "Service-Guide" using the SMS the login and password. Navigate to "Settings Service Guide" - "password Management". Set your own permanent password, if you have not done so previously. Click on the "Edit"button.
Change the password to something more convenient
Install in the lower section, a security question and enter the answer. And also write your valid email address. If in the future you forget your password, these settings will allow you to restore it quickly. Save the changes by clicking on the appropriate button.
Select a security question and enter the answer
Restore your forgotten password using the web interface. The link that you can go to the system restore, is listed on the sign-in system "Service-Guide"
Restore password by security question
Enter in this field your phone number and answer the security question. If the answer is correct, password will be sent in SMS and to your specified email address.
Restore password by security question
Useful advice
If able to obtain or recover a password you could not, ask for advice to the operators of the customer service Department by calling 0500.
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