You will need
  • phone with support for GPRS and built-in modem;
  • - computer or laptop.
As we have seen, the presence of local telephone numbers to connect "Mobile Internet" is not necessary. To use the Internet it is possible without any restrictions. But you will need a mobile phone with enabled GPRS and a built-in modem in which SIM card is the subscriber of the mobile network MegaFon and your computer or laptop. Additional purchase of modems and network cards are needed, which in itself is a significant advantage of the "Mobile Internet" Megaphone.
What are the possibilities of the Mobile Internet from MegaFon, in addition to freedom of movement? All the same, which has a regular Internet. Among the advantages are high speed, possibility to use Internet in roaming, absolutely free "swimming" on the world wide web, view any interesting pages, use email, ICQ, and other means of communication and downloading of necessary files.
To connect Mobile Internet from MegaFon yourself, you will need to configure your laptop is the computer with a special program Internet Connect it is easy to find, it is available online on the website of "MegaFon-Moscow". To download and install it on another computer will help you with the installation disc. What is it for? It automatically self will make all the necessary settings with your minimum participation. Check whether your phone is GPRS-Internet, if not, then it is required to connect. If you are a novice user and handle yourself with the setup is problematic for you, use the help of specialized service centers "MegaFon"
Before connecting the "Mobile Internet" check out possible Internet rates and select the best option for You.