Buy one of the selling points of the mobile operator "MegaFon" SIM-card, carefully fill in the proposed form of agreement, which you will find in the box. Write in it the number of purchased SIM cards, the name of the selected tariff plan, your name, surname, patronymic and passport details. Often you need only a passport, so grab it before the campaign for the Simcoe. The contract is in two copies, one of which give the operator the office, where I bought a map. Activation will be automatic during the day, in rare cases, slightly more.
From any phone call toll-free number to call MegaFon 8-800-333-05-00 if the card is suddenly not activated within one day from the date of purchase. Explain the problem to the operator, tell me where, when, where and by whom it was purchased.
If you need instant activation SIM card, go to the office of "MegaFon" and refer this problem to the staff on duty. Then the process will take only a few minutes.
In order to activate the SIM card by yourself, need a mobile phone with another card from the "Megaphone". Dial*121*PUK*Number# and press the call button. PUK code you will find on the plastic with a SIM card, and "number" - the phone number that should be activated.
Go to the Internet in any way, in the address bar of any browser type is "Service Guide" of "MegaFon". Your username is your phone number and the password is the PUK code. Fill in the required data, otpravit application. In a few minutes you will receive a SMS that your card is activated. These steps will help to use the newly purchased SIM card and start using the services of mobile operator "MegaFon".