Age to sex not a hindrance! Put aside the stereotypes that exist to prevent full sexual life of 50-60 years and more and enjoy the process. So says a British psychologist Marty Klein, who conducted their large-scale study on this topic for 30 years.
You should not interfere with such inhibitory active sex life as complexes about the imperfections of their body, no intimate life at this age your parents have transferred a serious illness.
Before to refuse sex in your life, consult the official medicine to this account. If the doctor will give you a limit (for example, due to heart disease) sexual relationship, is to listen to him, however, to completely give up on intimacy in my life not necessarily.
To love life lived in your relationship for many years, make the diversity in it. Known for years the axiom of sexologists – routine destroys sex and relationships. Because the need to revive the relationship by three known methods. This pair will help of sexual toys, erotic games in an unfamiliar place, intimate role playing.
Visit family psychologist, sex therapist, if your sex life is after 50 years is failing. Specialist will suggest the right way out of the situation, will help to establish a close relationship in the pair.