The child is the father of the child

Every girl decides for itself when she become an adult, that is to start going out with boys, sexually active. However, to think about pregnancy at 13 years is only one side ― what to do to avoid this. Your body is not yet Mature, and the time and funds to pay the kid at this age, as a rule, no. Therefore, the situation when the child is the father of the child, not the most favorable for any girls.

Condom ― protection

As a rule, if a 13 years old girl acts out sexually, it means that the risk of pregnancy exists, of course, if the menstrual cycle is already established and there are no problems with hormonal system, and there are no inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere. If you are 13 and you want to become a victim of unwanted pregnancy, the first thing you need to do is discuss the problem with the children's gynecologist. He will advise how best to protect themselves and how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are 13 years of age, and the menses still did not come, do not consider its absence a guarantee of safe sex. The menstrual cycle begins you are not during the first bleeding, the first ovulation will occur a few weeks earlier. Thus, you can conceive a child, knowing that your body to the already "ready".

Unfortunately, in practice, few girls are ready to discuss initiation of sexual activity with a gynecologist. If you can't decide on a consultation with the doctor, remember some simple rules: try to be sexually active only with a reliable partner you can trust. Always use contraception. One of the available tools – condoms. They are sold in any drugstore. You should not be embarrassed the chemist, buying a condom. Remember, your protection is the protection of your health and ability to have sex without risk of pregnancy.

No sex – no pregnancy

The most proven and reliable way not to get pregnant in 13 years is not to begin a sexual life. Unwanted pregnancy can occur even in the case of permanent protection, therefore hundred percent secure you can only abstaining from sex. If you are 13 years old, and the only thing that prevents you to begin a sexual life – the fear of getting pregnant, it is better to postpone this important step to a more Mature age. It should be remembered that at this point in your life there are a lot of interesting things: sports, school, dances, discos and so on. Time to join in adult period will come a little later, so better not rush things.