Advice 1: How not to get pregnant in 13 years

To get pregnant at the age of 13 every girl, so she must be serious in this matter: to know what would happen if you get pregnant, take precautions and it is good to consider all the pros and cons before starting adult life.

How not to get pregnant in 13 years

The child is the father of the child

Every girl decides for itself when she become an adult, that is to start going out with boys, sexually active. However, to think about pregnancy at 13 years is only one side ― what to do to avoid this. Your body is not yet Mature, and the time and funds to pay the kid at this age, as a rule, no. Therefore, the situation when the child is the father of the child, not the most favorable for any girls.

Condom ― protection

As a rule, if a 13 years old girl acts out sexually, it means that the risk of pregnancy exists, of course, if the menstrual cycle is already established and there are no problems with hormonal system, and there are no inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere. If you are 13 and you want to become a victim of unwanted pregnancy, the first thing you need to do is discuss the problem with the children's gynecologist. He will advise how best to protect themselves and how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are 13 years of age, and the menses still did not come, do not consider its absence a guarantee of safe sex. The menstrual cycle begins you are not during the first bleeding, the first ovulation will occur a few weeks earlier. Thus, you can conceive a child, knowing that your body to the already "ready".

Unfortunately, in practice, few girls are ready to discuss initiation of sexual activity with a gynecologist. If you can't decide on a consultation with the doctor, remember some simple rules: try to be sexually active only with a reliable partner you can trust. Always use contraception. One of the available tools – condoms. They are sold in any drugstore. You should not be embarrassed the chemist, buying a condom. Remember, your protection is the protection of your health and ability to have sex without risk of pregnancy.

No sex – no pregnancy

The most proven and reliable way not to get pregnant in 13 years is not to begin a sexual life. Unwanted pregnancy can occur even in the case of permanent protection, therefore hundred percent secure you can only abstaining from sex. If you are 13 years old, and the only thing that prevents you to begin a sexual life – the fear of getting pregnant, it is better to postpone this important step to a more Mature age. It should be remembered that at this point in your life there are a lot of interesting things: sports, school, dances, discos and so on. Time to join in adult period will come a little later, so better not rush things.

Advice 2 : How not to get pregnant if the condom broke

During sexual intercourse may accidentally tear the condom. To prevent an unwanted pregnancy, a woman should perform a number of safety measures. Here the main thing – to hurry up.
How not to get pregnant if the condom broke
You will need
  • - soapy water;
  • - acidic solution;
  • - oral contraceptives.
Adopt upright position. Way to try to avoid getting the sperm in the fallopian tube. Sperm under the action of gravity flows from the vagina, without meeting with the egg. But we should not rely solely on this method should be performed and other operations.
Wash with soap vulva. Effective these actions will be approximately the first ten minutes immediately after sexual intercourse. The semen during this time had not yet started moving toward the egg until it thickens vaginal secretions. The use of soap will help stop the process – so the sperm neytralizuya.
Execute douching. The first two methods if you for some reason do not have time to use it to prevent pregnancy, you should perform another operation. As soon as possible after intercourse, it is necessary to create the sperm environment in which fertilization is impossible. To do this, change the acid-base balance, i.e. pH, of the mucous membrane of the vagina. Prepare a special solution – the dining Lodge lemon juice, vinegar half a litre of warm water. With this solution, do the douching, that is, the "washout" of the genitals. Acidic environment significantly decreases sperm motility. Before you apply the solution, be sure to try it out. It needs to be with a slightly sour taste, if the flavor frankly sour, to use a solution is impossible – so easy to burn the vaginal mucosa.
Use post-coital contraceptives. They are effective during unprotected intercourse, it is convenient to use, if suddenly will break the condom. Consult your gynecologist to determine which of these tools suits you best, and always keep a small reserve in case of unforeseen sex without using contraception.
Gynecologists does not recommend douching women who have disorders in the cardiovascular system. Also get involved in such procedures at the wrong metabolism.

Applying the so-called drugs to prevent conception emergency actions, you have to be careful. The application of such remedies capable of inflicting a serious blow on the female body. The preparations contains a lot of hormones, hit them in the body can lead to hormonal failure and increases the risk of infertility. Women are advised to carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons" before taking similar means.
Useful advice
Try to use condoms with a special spermicidal lubricant. With them the probability of unintended pregnancy decreases several times, because the action of spermicides sperm die. But completely they do not disappear, so do not rely solely on the action of only one lubricant case of a damaged condom is better to implement safety measures.

Advice 3 : How to get pregnant after forty

Almost every woman dreams of becoming a mother. But some of the fair sex quite late you know that it is ready for motherhood. What to do if the desire and the ability to get pregnant appeared only after 40 years? Is it possible to bear and give birth to a healthy child at this age?
How to get pregnant after forty

Risks of pregnancy after forty years

Early late pregnancy considered pregnancy after 35 years. Now, the specialists have shifted the terms in 40 years.

If a woman becomes pregnant at this age naturally, her pregnancy is high risk can result in miscarriage. The fact that after 40 years your own woman's eggs are already too Mature. There is also the risk of the disease toddler diabetes and even death for the mother.

If a woman got pregnant with donor eggs, the risks are a little lower. But there is a probability of pre-eclampsia and diabetes.

Most likely, pregnant after forty will have to not prepare for a natural childbirth, and cesarean section.

How to conceive a baby after forty

If you do decide to have a baby at this age, you need to follow a few rules.

You should know precisely ovulation. The best time for conception is usually 12, 13, 14 and 15 days before the start of menstruation. But often after the age of 40 menstrual cycle slips, therefore it is recommended to follow them carefully in order not to miss the ovulation period. If you find it difficult to follow the cycle, consult your gynecologist. Using ultrasound the doctor will be able to determine with accuracy the time of ovulation.

To improve the quality of sperm, doctors recommend not to have sexual intercourse 3-4 days before ovulation.

You need to more carefully monitor their health. To the pregnancy, eliminate stress. Negative emotions are now useless.

Please reconsider your diet. It must be complete. Abstain from fast food, eat more fruits, vegetables and herbs. Don't neglect a green salad, which contains folic acid, necessary for the normal development of the fetus.

Totally abstain from Smoking, alcohol and caffeine. You need to protect the liver and kidneys, so limit use of medication (except vital).

Bring the weight back to normal. Women with excess weight is very hard to get pregnant at any age, so if you have problems with the figure, resolve them before conception.

Consult your doctor, follow all his instructions. Pass all examinations, which he will prescribe.

If you want to get pregnant, carry and give birth to a perfectly healthy and happy child, take care of your health and believe only in the best.

Advice 4 : How to quickly get pregnant after birth control pills

Birth control pills are now the most common contraceptive. But once in every woman's life there may come a time when she decides to have a baby. At this moment it is very important to know how fast to get pregnant after taking hormonal pills.
How to quickly get pregnant after birth control pills

A healthy woman of childbearing age can become pregnant quickly after the rejection of reception of contraceptives. For several months all of the functions of the reproductive system is restored and the body is ready for conceiving, carrying a pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby. It was at this time in women questions arise:

- does not affect whether the contraceptive drugs on the reproductive system?

- how harmful hormone pills for the health of the unborn child?

- how to prepare body for pregnancy after stopping pills?

The answers to these questions will help every woman safely plan a pregnancy and eventually the joy of motherhood.

The effect of hormonal drugs on women's health

The principle impact of the pill on a woman's body is directed to the inhibition of ovarian function, as a result temporarily stops the process of ovulation. After cancellation of hormonal therapy, reproductive organs begin to work more intensively. That is why gynecologists often prescribe contraceptive drugs to women who can't for a long time to get pregnant. After 3-4 months of "rest" previously disturbed functions of the internal reproductive organs are fully recovered.

To take hormonal drugs only after examination by a gynecologist. The pills without medical supervision can lead to serious consequences.

Conception after discontinuation of birth control pills

In parallel with the question of how to get pregnant quickly must be a question of how to stay healthy and bear a healthy child. While oral contraceptives do not forget about the General condition of the body. After discontinuation of the hormonal drugs safely to become pregnant, you need to follow certain guidelines like while taking contraceptives, and after.

Useful tips for women wanting to get pregnant fast after taking hormonal tablets

1. Be sure to follow the rules of the hormonal drugs from the first to the last pill. Any unauthorized violation schedule appointment can cause severe pain, excessive bleeding, failure of the menstrual cycle, hormonal balance in the body.

2. After discontinuation of drugs for a complete examination of the body. Sometimes changes in hormonal balance, activate latent disease, that may be a barrier to conception. Special attention should be paid to the level of the immune system, inspect in the inner genitals of different kinds of neoplasms, tumors, and undergo a mammogram.

3. Do not try to get pregnant immediately after stopping birth control pills. It is best to plan pregnancy after 3-4 months. You need to give your body time to recover General hormonal background, the normal rhythm of the menstrual cycle and all the functions of the reproductive organs. If conception occurred before, nothing wrong with that. Modern birth control hormones do not carry any danger for the normal development of the fetus.

4. Take vitamins, eliminate from the diet of harmful foods and, of course, to renounce all bad habits.

When easier to get pregnant

How quickly can occur pregnancy depends on such factors as the biological age of women, health status and duration of birth control pills.

Easiest to become pregnant, a young woman aged 18-25 years who took the drugs less than a year. In this case, after stopping, the reproductive system is restored in the first month. In women aged 26-34 years, the restoration of the menstrual cycle can last from six months to a year. After 35 years in restoring the functionality of the reproductive organs may need more time.

If after taking birth control pills has been more than six months, and the cycle has not recovered, you need to seek the advice of a gynecologist. In rare cases, the intake of hormonal contraceptive drugs may cause infertility that can be cured at an early stage.

Advice 5 : Is it possible to get pregnant right after your period

If intimacy took place immediately after the end of menstruation, pregnancy is unlikely. But in some cases, fertilization is still possible, so you should not rely on the calendar method of contraception.
Is it possible to get pregnant right after your period

What days can I get pregnant

During the menstrual cycle a woman's ability to conceive change. It is known that pregnancy is most likely if sexual intimacy takes place in favorable period.

Around mid-cycle is the maturation of the egg and it falls from the ovary to the uterus. At this point it is completely ready for fertilization. If intimacy in women occurs during ovulation, her chances of a successful conception is maximal.

It is worth considering that the sperm retain their ability to fertilize within 3 to 5 days. If intercourse occurs 3-5 days before ovulation, pregnancy may occur. High chances of conception and within 4-6 days after oocyte maturation, as during this time she is still ready for fertilization.

Ovulation occurs about 12-14 days before the next menstruation. This means that the first week of the cycle is relatively safe. At this time, the egg has not matured, so its fertilization is theoretically impossible.

In some cases, you can get pregnant in the first week after menstruation

Some women use the calendar method of calculating ovulation as a method of contraception. However, we must remember that this method is not reliable enough.

To get pregnant immediately after your period is possible if the menstrual cycle is irregular. In this case ovulation calculate very difficult. For these purposes it is possible daily to measure the basal temperature or purchase in a drugstore a few special tests.

Immediately after a month you can get pregnant if the cycle is very short. For example, if its duration is only 21 days, the egg Matures almost immediately after the menstrual bleeding.

Experts claim that over the cycle, perhaps the maturation of not one, but 2 or even 3 eggs. If this happens only a few times a year, it is considered normal. Maturation of several eggs at different times is one of the causes of pregnancy in the first week after menstruation.

The chance of pregnancy at the beginning of the cycle has impact and vitality of sperm. In some men this figure stands at a fairly high level. It mostly depends on their health status, lifestyle, and individual characteristics. If the viability of sperm preserved for 5-7 days, and the menstrual cycle in women only lasts 21-25 days, she may get pregnant immediately after your period.

Advice 6 : What days to have sex to get pregnant

What days to have sex to get pregnant? In the days of ovulation, which is approximately at the middle of the menstrual cycle. These days it is easy to determine by measuring basal body temperature.
The perfect days to conceive: how to calculate?
What days to have sex to get pregnant? This question bothers many women: those who only realized the desire to have children and those who dream about it for several years. Time here really is very important, as the lifespan of sperm can reach 7 days, but the egg only lives 12-24 hours. So if you want to conceive a child, ideally you need to have sex the day of expected ovulation as many times as you can. You will greatly increase the chances of success if you make love for two days prior to ovulation and during the same period of time thereafter.
The body of each woman is individual. And to know when you will be ovulating, you need to know the duration of your menstrual cycle. However, to calculate the onset of ovulation using the calendar only to women, the menstrual cycle which is characterized by regularity, the rest will have to use other methods of determining favorable days for conception. So, you need to select the longest and the shortest menstrual cycles over the past year or at least six months. From the shortest cycle you need to take the number 18. The resulting figure will mark the day, the most favorable for conception. From the longest period subtract the number 11. The resulting figure will complete the period in which you need to have sex to get pregnant.
Most women with 28 day menstrual cycle ovulation occurs in the middle, about 14 days before your next period. If you are regularly exposed to stress, doing heavy physical labor or often gain/lose weight, this may lead to interruptions in menstruation. In this situation, calculate the approximate day of ovulation is almost impossible. You need to start to seek the advice of a specialist to identify possible health problems and their timely treatment. This is many times increase the chances of success.
If your period comes like clockwork, and pregnancy is not, try to calculate the days that are ideal for conception, using other features. Ovulation easy to predict the engorgement, uncomfortable sensations in the abdomen and the changing nature and structure of the discharge. They become more abundant and clear, resembling egg whites.
Learn which days to have sex to get pregnant, and measuring basal body temperature. Every morning, before getting out of bed, measure the temperature in the rectum. A slight rise to 37.5°C suggests that ovulation occurred.
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