The reasons for the lack of sex is very diverse: there is no desire or sexual partner, dissatisfaction, problems with sexual life in marriage. Most women don't give it much importance and don't suffer from the prolonged absence of sexual activity. Family women with children and lots of household chores or women-career girls don't always pay attention to the number of sex and forget that the long absence of sex has a negative impact on the state of women's health. Life without sex makes a woman tired and less attractive.

The effects of lack of sex

The consequences of the lack of sexual life is different in different women and depends on the individual circumstances and lifestyle.

For most women, age from 35 to 45 years is a period of increased interest in sex, so-called peak of sexuality. At this time, a woman's body demands sex. Sex provide visual appeal, vitality and interest in life. With prolonged lack of sex gradually appear adverse symptoms. The woman is not having regular sexual intercourse at the age of 35-45 years are more prone to stress and nervous breakdown, she gets tired quickly and becomes aggressive towards others. At unsatisfied women early appear age-related changes of the skin and worsens the appearance. Therefore, the lack of sexual desire is a cause for referral to a specialist.

Women diseases due to the lack of sex

The long absence of sex could lead to the development of women number of diseases. Fibroids is a benign tumor, often appearing in women who neglect the sexual life. Painful premenstrual syndrome is also more common in women who aren't having sex. They have menstruation is very painful and is accompanied by mood swings and excessive appetite. Perhaps the appearance of uterine bleeding. During lovemaking was going on a kind of "massage" of the uterus, and in their absence the uterus is deprived of such effect, which is fraught with development of various kinds of violations. Weight — another problem arising from irregular sexual life, because during sex takes a lot of calories.

To prevent the development of serious pathologies, it should regularly have sex. Spouses will help to restore the sexual life and to recall the former passion joint rest, free from daily problems and worries. Playing sports or dancing will allow a single woman seeking to feel more relaxed and attractive, and the movement under music relieve tension and serve as a sexual release.