In fact, sex begins in the mind, and not below the belt. Part of the brain responsible for sexual function and mood, i.e. the hypothalamus, is a hotbed of estrogen receptors. Estrogen along with testosterone plays an important role in libido.

Estrogen like moisturizing cream, which is very important for the normal functioning of the reproductive system. While reducing the level of estrogen tissue of the genital organs begin to dry, leading to discomfort in the sexual life. Over time, this can lead to significant changes: there is a dryness, irritation and pain during intercourse. Testosterone also plays an important role in sexual desire and satisfaction, but in contrast to estrogen, the level of testosterone drops dramatically during the menopause, and decreases gradually after 25 years. By that time, when women reach menopause, its production reduced by half in comparison with the amount that has been in 25 years.

Lack of sexual desire is not related to the age: even young girls do not experience orgasm, can be disappointed in sex, while a woman over 50 can experience great pleasure during the sexual act, despite the inevitable aging process.

To problems during menopause was less need to take pills designed to increase the level of estrogen. If a woman over 50 cannot make love due to excessive dryness of the genitals, you can use estrogen in the form of a cream or a ring inserted in the vagina. Many ladies say the restoration and gradual improvement of sexual comfort through such methods. You can also use vaginal moisturizers can relieve the dryness for a while and make intercourse less painful.

In women 50 years have a lot of experience in love, and therefore huge opportunities to meet their needs and desires of the partner. She just do not forget that sex plays a big role in relationships and to neglect it would be a mistake.