How much should be sex

The first thing to learn, trying to determine normal are your sexual needs is that each person is different. Someone needs several times a day and others twice a week is a lot. Besides, this parameter is changed. The norm for you personally could be the amount of sex that is most comfortable for you. It is best to define it at the time, when you are healthy and not under stress. By the way, the love or the beginning of a relationship when sexual appetites of both partners is increased, can also be considered a kind of stress.

However, a variety of authoritative sources trying to answer this burning question about how often to have sex. For example, the Talmud, the Holy book for Muslims – says that it is enough two times a week. A large part of sexologists expressed with this agreement. The other part believes that properly – 5 times a week.

Whatever it was, educated doctors say that men shouldn't wear out the body and overwork, wanting to show her his prowess and commit several sex acts per night. There is a risk of overwork, and in this condition worsen both mental and physical abilities. As long as the sexual act ends with ejaculation, it can be considered normal. But if there were no seed, it means you overdid it, and if it is less than usual, it also hints that it is time to relax. Meanwhile, neither abstinence nor excessive sex are not beneficial to the body.

Additional factors

The level of sexual attraction to the opposite sex inherent in the people, change with age. Someone closer to maturity, this process is very noticeable, and in others almost no difference with the times of his youth.

Also confirmed by studies that the inhabitants of southern countries are more hot temper than the people of North, and sex they need more often.

Not so long ago psychologists found another interesting point. It turns out that modern people, passionate about career, business, creativity or anything else, much less need of sex than those who are seriously engaged. This process is called sublimation when the sexual energy transformered and exits through another channel.

Sexologists report that regular sex life has a very positive impact on people's health, but add that only in the case if you have sex with someone you love.