When pregnancy is possible

So, during each menstrual cycle in female ovaries Matures an egg. It leaves the ovary and begins to move along the fallopian tube towards the uterus. If at this time she meets up with a sperm, fertilization occurs and then, under favorable conditions – pregnancy. If such a meeting did not happen, the egg dies. Oddly enough, even knowing the General scheme of the pregnancy, many men and women have absolutely no idea when you can have sex without consequences.

Time 48 hours

You will be surprised, but the egg retains the ability to fertilize only two days since the release from the ovary. If during this time to meet with the sperm did not work, about any pregnancy question. Simply put, the woman is able to conceive a very small interval of time. The most "dangerous days" as they are called – is ovulation or mid-menstrual cycle. Sexual contact during release of the egg and the next two days – the most dangerous from the point of view of the ability to get pregnant. A logical question arises, why then the need to use contraception each time you have sex? It's simple. Despite the fact that the lifespan of an egg is very short, the situation is affected by many indirect factors to take into account that not always obtained.

Before and after

Firstly, not every woman the menstrual cycle is regular and runs like a clock. Hormones can change as a result of moving to another region, disease, or extreme stress, and all this automatically shifts the menstrual cycle in the big or smaller party. It turns out that even with a regular cycle, and projected date of ovulation can be calculated and do not fall in the safe period.

Another factor that must be taken into consideration – the ability of sperm to remain viable inside the woman's body for several days after intercourse. That is, you can have sex even in quite safe days, and male sex cells just wait for the release of an egg already in place. That is why gynecologists recommend the most carefully protected for 4-5 days prior to expected start of ovulation and 3-4 days after – just in case. Because it is so, what do you expect mid-cycle in some days, and it comes a little late.

But about a week after ovulation starts, the most safe days for conception. The egg, when she hadn't left the ovary, have already died, so just sperm have nothing to fertilize. Before the onset of menstruation, during it and after 2-3 days after you can have sex without fear.