Who needs more sex?

What could be nicer than to spend a romantic evening with your partner, enjoy intimacy with each other? But there are moments when other halves are not around and can't meet their needs. How much a man can do without sex?

According to sexologists, boys, unlike girls, can do without sex at least short term. While women can live without physical intimacy about 2-3 months, men - no more than 3 weeks. Symptoms of long-term absence of sex in men is a weakness, and sometimes there are even outbursts of anger. Although women's dissatisfaction is more noticeable as women are usually more emotional.

The older you are, the less...

The age of the representative of the stronger sex depends on his sexual lust. At the age of twenty levels of testosterone in the body is off the charts. In this period the guys most passionate and eager sex. Girls who wish to associate their relationship with the men of this age, you must be prepared for the fact that they will have sex anywhere, at any time of the day and night to satisfy their partners.

Men to thirty years become less fixated on sex, they have other concerns. Some of them are at this age having a family and children, they have a lot of problems, both domestic and related to the career. All this is tiring and draining physically, which helps to pacify thirst for sex. So at that age sex becomes a means to relieve tension and stress.

Approaching the barrier in forty years, men sexually are the same as in the thirty, but on the assertions of the sexologists, changing their psychology, they are just starting to pay more attention to their physical form, health.

Men at the age of forty become more sensitive and passionate lovers, so their sex lives not focus on the number of sexual acts, but on their quality.