Many scientists tried to develop a method of saturation of blood by atomic oxygen. And now in medicine to do this, use hydrogen peroxide. When injected into the bloodstream it breaks down into water and oxygen. That is what is the therapeutic action of hydrogen peroxide. After all, with its collapse formed the oxygen atoms, as an intermediate in the formation of regular molecular oxygen.
And atomic oxygen is very active and is used in redox reactions that require lower energy consumption than for the formation of oxygen molecules. Although it is a separate part of molecular oxygen still occurs but it is less than the rate of formation than the atomic. Violation of this balance leads to a change in imbalance of redox reactions. It has been proved that the lower the activity of atomic oxygen, the higher the molecular activity. This state reflects a disease of the body.
With the air you inhale molecular oxygen. To obtain monatomic species, you need to hold the intravenous infusion of hydrogen peroxide. With the direct participation of the enzyme catalase in the body occurs in the decomposition of peroxide. However, she gets into the shell of the red blood cells and releases oxygen. Peroxide enter in a dark venous blood. Red blood cells attach to oxygen and the color of blood brightens. Down the bloodstream it passes into the arterial system and carries oxygen to all the cells of tissues and organs.
Another method of blood oxygen saturation is inhalation of purified oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure. This method is used in medicine for a long time and successfully. This oxygen is breathed in from the oxygen cushions. We have created a special chamber. This is a very effective method. But, unfortunately, it has some contraindications and, moreover, very costly. But the introduction of peroxide is a good replacement for the treatment in a hyperbaric chamber.