You will need
  • - oxygen spray;
  • hub gas;
  • special mixer.
A cocktail is prepared on the basis of juices and fruit drinks, which with the help of a special device is filled with oxygen molecules. Ready oxygen cocktail – the thick foam of the plurality of gas bubbles. For a long time such drinks were available only in hospitals, but lately the pharmacies went on sale a special compact cylinders and oxygen concentrators, which allow you to cook at home is a healthy treat.
The disadvantages of cans can be attributed to their relatively high cost and the impossibility of refilling the oxygen Cost of drinks during their regular use may be burdensome for the family budget. Besides it's not too easy to drink cocktail obtained by such spray – every time you need to hold your breath, the throat to produce slowly to get the therapeutic effect.
Much more practical oxygen concentrators, but they are significantly more expensive. When using the cost of the drink is low with good quality enrichment cocktail gas. If you plan to regularly prepare large volumes of oxygen cocktails, the purchase of such a device would be justified.
As the basis for oxygen cocktail you can use the syrup of rose hips, licorice root, and other medicinal plants, Apple, pear, or other juice, various teas. To obtain resistant foam use egg whites or gelatin. You can find special spun-mix cocktails with the help of an oxygen mixer. In them all the necessary ingredients ready.
In a glass filled with chilled juice and added the whipped white of one egg. When using sum-mix in clean water add one bag of the substance. You then turn on the oxygen concentrator and set the desired speed of the application. The juice in the Cup, beat with a special mixer, which is pre-connected to the hub of the gas. When using an oxygen canister in a glass settling tube and connected to the device.
The preparation takes 30-40 seconds. To drink this medicinal drink should immediately after cooking. You can drink twice a day for 250-300 ml of oxygen drink for 30 days, then you need to take a break of 15-20 days. After this time you can again use this method of healing the body.