If numbness of the left arm accompanied by a subcutaneous tingling, nothing to fear. This problem is not fraught with threats. It is caused by a circulatory disorder that appears due to long lying on his left hand. In this case you need to shake it and make a few vigorous spins. Then massage your muscles, blood vessels and skin of the hands.

Common causes of numbness of the left hand

Neuritis of the ulnar nerve is a very common cause of numbness of the left hand. It arises from the fact that the man while working at the computer used to lean elbow on the table. To be sure that it is in the neuritis should watch their condition. If numb sometimes left hand, sometimes just the pinky and ring finger on her, that's what this disease. To get rid of it during the work you need to use both hands.

Paresthesia of the left extremities, accompanied by tingling in the fingers, indicates the presence of heart problems. Usually this is a symptom of a stroke or heart attack that will happen soon. Here you should immediately call the ambulance to avoid negative consequences. After a heart attack or stroke can lead to further bleeding in the brain.

Low back pain often causes numbness of the left hand. This disease in the modern world is very common. It is subject to compulsory treatment, since it can result in serious consequences: poor passage of the spinal cord, compression of the nerve roots, deformation of the intervertebral discs, strong, and not passing pain.

Numbness of the left arm often occurs due to long carrying on his shoulder a backpack or bag filled with heavy things. If the feeling occurs in cold weather, it speaks about the narrowing of the arteries. Here not to worry, coming into a warm room, numbing of hands will take place.

Rare causes of numbness of the left hand

Syndrome scalene muscle causes a loss of sensation in the left limbs. It occurs as a result of compression of the subclavian artery and lower roots, present in the brachial plexus. This syndrome is accompanied not only by numbness of the hands and tingling in her and severe pain.

Among the rare causes of loss of sensation in the left limbs also include the following: cyst ganglion, neuralgia of the brachial plexus, plexopathy, injury to the blades or wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome.