Arthritis - the cause of pain in the fingers

Causes of pain in the fingers lie in the pathological processes that occur in joints and in the adjacent tissues. They can appear after injuries (sprains, fractures). The nature of the disease is determined during detailed inspection (x-ray, ultrasound, MRI). During the transition process in the chronic form the pain is accompanied by inflammation, swelling, loss of joint mobility.

Fingers in the morning can get sick with arthritis of different origin. This disease can be non-infectious in nature and occurs due to problems with the immune system. In rheumatoid arthritis hurt small joints of the hands. The disease occurs even in young children. Joints are affected symmetrically relative to each other. Most often affects the joints of the index finger. We can also see a seal of small size, which hurt when pressed. If rheumatoid arthritis left untreated, the joints become deformed and misshapen.

Infectious arthritis affects 1 or more joints. The disease develops under the influence of bacteria or viruses. The pathogen penetrates through the external injury. Before the others become infected joint of the middle finger. Besides the pain, there is local toxicity, increased body temperature. The joints on the arms ache at psoriaticescom arthritis. In addition to them, the disease affects the skin.

Symptoms osteoartroza and podarki

Deformation and destruction of joints of the hands causes osteoartroz. They formed bony growths which disturbed mobility of the fingers. The disease is characterized by morning pain, accompanied by stiffness and stiffness. Osteoartroz most often seen in women because the disease is caused by fluctuations in hormone levels of estrogen. Other factors that can affect the emergence of disease include: genetic predisposition, constant stress of the joints, problems with the metabolism.

Unbearable pain in the joints is characterized by gout. The paroxysms occur at night or early in the morning. Her reason is the salts that form crystals and lead to inflammation of the surrounding tissues. Gout occurs due to failures in metabolism and related kidney problems. This disease usually develops in men after 40 years.

Other reasons for the onset of pain in the fingers include: problems with total immunity, failure of the endocrine system, untreated infectious diseases, genetic predisposition, decreased metabolism, low temperatures and cold water, injury of the hands. Pain in fingers can occur in pregnant women due to fluctuations in hormone levels.