Activation of the "Black list" is possible at any time. In order to do this, use a simple numberom 5130. In addition, the disposal of the subscribers of the operator "MegaFon" is short and the number of USSD-request *130#. You will receive on your mobile phone two messages as soon as the operator processes the sent claim. One of the SMS will announce the successful order services, and the second is about how to activate the "Black list". By the way, if the attempt of the order fails, you too will learn about it via text message. Proceed to the edit list will be immediately after service activation.
The next step is entering the required numberin black list. To lock a roomand dial on the phone keypad USSD *130*+79XXXXXXXXX# or send an SMS message. The text you will need to specify the number of the caller in front of him + sign. Please note that any contributions you make rooms should be specified only in ten-digit format and only through the seven. For example, 79xxxxxxxx. If you addedAI indicate the number incorrectly, you will not be able to make it to the black list.
After editing the list, the subscriber can view, as the rooms. To gain access to the contents of the blacklist you can take advantage of roomom 5130 is designed for sending SMS. In his test, specify the command INF. Do not forget about the number of USSD-request *130*3#. It also allows you to view the black list.
Incidentally, you can also remove the desired numberfrom the list. To do this you need to type on the keyboard of the mobile phone USSD-command *130*079XXXXXXXXX#. This room helps to remove the roomand one by one. In that case, if you need to clear the entire list with a single action, then send another request for the room *130*6#.