Find out whether your mobile phone "blacklist", which allows you to block calls from phone number which is unknown to you. You can activate it in the settings menu of the device. Select "Receive calls only from contact list" and tick it.
Turn off all incoming calls, if you have some time, will not be able to use the phone. To activate this useful function also in the menu settings and configuration of your phone by installing a ban on calls by category. Here you can restrict outgoing calls and long-distance communication with other subscribers.
Contact technical support of your mobile operator if your phone is missing needed feature. Let the number you want to block. The operator will perform the necessary steps or give instructions for self blocking. You can do this in the personal Cabinet of the user in a menu of management services by opening it via the official website of the mobile operator.
Please contact one of the subscription offices located in your city, taking with him a passport or other identity document. It is important that the SIM card was also issued in your name. Consultants office will help you activate the blacklist, as well as provide a printout of calls, if you failed to identify the caller.
Use tricky methods of blocking certain numbers. Disconnect your tariff a voice mail. Then open the properties for the contact you want to block and tick the box next to "Send all calls to Voicemail". When trying to call you the caller will always hear the busy tone as if your number is busy.