You will need
  • Cell phone with SIM-card of any operator.
Configuring blacklist on the machine each model is made with a few differences. For example, in basic Nokia phones (1616, 1280, and close) this setting is even called differently – filtration rooms. If the phone is set to English instead of Russian, then this will configure the “Screening numbers”.
Open the phone menu. Then select the folder "Settings" and the sub "call Settings". Locate the "Filter room" and double-click to open the add rooms.
Enter the number manually or select from the phonebook. Save the settings. This caller will not call. Instead of long beeps, he will hear either a busy signal or a message asking you to call back later.
Most models of Samsung adding numbers is also possible. Search blacklist happens about the same way, but the option name may be changed. Be careful: control list, that there will not hit the number of the desired person.
If the device does not support black list, plug it into the cabin of the operator or independently. To do this, or visit the sales office of a particular operator, or dial the USSD command on your phone.
The subscribers of "Beeline" unable to connect to the service "Black list yourself via the following command: *110*771* the number of the unwanted caller in international format#. The room is entered via a +7 instead of 8 (for Russia).
The subscriber "the Megaphone" must first activate the service. Send a blank SMS message to number 5130 or dial USSD-command *130#. Following the instructions of the operator, make a phone in the black list.
Other operators (Skylink, MTS) also provide a similar service. Information about the cost of connections and the maximum number of numbers in the list to specify the site of the operator.