The "black list" is a service that helps protect subscribers from unwanted calls. For this you just need to enter the number of the telephone subscriber, which you do not want to hear . Currently this service is provided by cellular operators "the Megaphone" and "Tele2" (according to the conditions on the day, you can make up to 300 rooms).
Mobile operator "MTS" the service is not available, but there is an alternative proposal "call barring", which allows to establish a ban on all incoming and outgoing calls in local network and in roaming also and international outgoing calls.
Currently, almost all mobile phones equipped with this functionas a "black list" where you can Deposit unwanted callers absolutely free. And the person you will bring back, when you call you will hear short beeps.
Below on your mobile phone to create the list of blocked callers, go to the main menu, click "Settings", then click "Call" or "phone Protection" (in different models it's called different). Then select "blacklist" or "call barring". Then in the box that appears, make the boring party (manually or via the phonebook) and save the changes.
Different phone models instructions for entering subscribers in "Black list" may be slightly different, but the essence remains the same. If your mobile device supports this option, then you can find it in the menu or read the manual for the use of mobile phone, which was attached to it when buying.
In addition, with the successful entry in the "Black list" of subscribers, their numbers must be saved in international format and be found in cell phone memory.