Connect the "Black list", management and disconnection of subscribers of the operator "MegaFon" can perform any convenient way, especially because they have a sufficient number. To activate, for example, is a USSD-dial *130# and the number of reference service 0500. Besides, you can always send an SMS without text to the short number 5130. After three or four minutes after sending the request to your mobile phone will receive a notification that the order has been made services. And after a few moments comes the report that the service has been successfully activated. After this simple operation you will be able to edit the list.
Make any room in the "Black list" is quite simple, you only need to dial USSD-request and press the call button. Adding numbers can be produced in another way: instead of requesting send us a message with the text "+" and the number of the desired subscriber. The room, by the way, be sure to specify in the format 79xxxxxxxx. If you wish to remove entered numbers at any time, just send the USSD-command *130*079XXXXXXXXX# or SMS containing the text "-" and the subscriber's number.
After editing the list you can view the rest of the room. To get information, dial the USSD-dial *130*3# and press the call key. You can also send a text message with the command "INF" to the short number 5130. If you need to remove all numbers at once, and not individually, then use a request to *130*6#.