Advice 1: How to make a caller in the black list of "Beeline"

Black list is the ability to add unwanted callers to a special list of numbers that cannot reach you at your number. Typically, this option exists in the settings of the mobile phone.
How to make a caller in the black list of "Beeline"
You will need
  • - mobile phone connected to the "Beeline".
Use the black list from the "Beeline" to protect themselves from unwanted calls interlocutors. Set this ban, and then instead of beeps it will be to hear the text of the voice response "the Subscriber is temporarily unavailable, please call later". Note that you can blacklist you for no more than forty rooms, both urban and international, and mobile.
Connect the service "Black list", which make a first unwanted number to the list. Dial from your phone the following command: *110*771* "Enter the number in international format" #, then press send call.
To delete a number, use the command *110*772* "Enter the phone number in international format" # and press green button. Note that you can enter the number required in the same way as you did it when you add. If you remove all numbers from the list, the service will not be disconnected.
Use the following command to find out what numbers are in your black list: *110*773#, then press send call. To find out when and how many times called you subscribers, blacklisted in the last 24 hours, dial *110*775#, then press send call. You will receive a text message indicating the number of calls and time of the last call subscribers who have been added in the "Black list".
To disable the service and automatically clean the black list, use the command *110*770#, then press send call. All commands to work correctly, observe the interval between them is about half an hour. To add a number to Black list or remove it, enter the number in international format, consisting of the country code, city code/network and direct phone number. To make the Russian numbers to dial them starting with +7. The connection and disconnection of this service for free, the fee is 30 rubles per month. Add one room – 3 rubles.

Advice 2: How to get the caller to someone in the black list

The service "black list" - a very handy option that allows you to protect yourself from calls from certain numbers. However, the same as it is frustrating to know that in this very list you are one of their friends or acquaintances. Of course, you can leave everything as it is and can only guess about the reason for blocking, however, there are times when contact with the caller is necessary.
How to get the caller back, if I had to black list
You will need
  • phone;
  • - SIM card.
If you are a long time trying to reach the man, but I heard only short beeps, signifying that the subscriber is busy, then you most likely got into his black list. That is, you will not be able to reach him with your room, while it will not exclude you from its list.
If you urgently need to contact him, try send him a message asking to call back, briefly describe the situation. In most cases, the SMS reach the subscriber, if he sees fit, we will call you back.
If you did not wait for him to call, try after some time again to call him yourself. You may already excluded from the blacklist and you will be able to contact the subscriber.
If the attempt to call is not successful, then try to use the phone, boyfriend/girlfriend, acquaintance or relative. In this case, most likely, the answer will not keep you waiting long.
Currently, almost every corner there are shops where you can buy a SIM card. If you really need in the near future to talk with the caller, then buy a spare card, insert it into the phone and make that important call.
In General, remember, if you were listed in the "black list" in the personal area networks (MTS, Beeline, Tele2, etc.), you will only of the above ways. In that case, if you were entered in the "black list" in your device's settings, you will be on your phone to disable the "show room".
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