You will need
  • phone;
  • - the Internet.
Connection of service "Black list" of free, for each day the monthly fee is taken, regardless of the number of numbers in the blacklist. This service can connect to any tariff plan in any region. To make the black list any landline or mobile number. People from the black list, call you on the phone will hear the message "Wrong number".
There are several connectivity options blacklist. To activate the service, send an SMS message to number 5130 without text. After a few minutes the phone will receive a notification that service has been ordered. Another two minutes and the "Black list" trigger. To activate the service you can also use the USSD-request number, enter the *130# and press "Call". When you receive a notification, click "Continue". The service will be activated.
Call us 0500 is the information service of "MegaFon". The call is free. To manage the service, i.e. to activate, deactivate, enter the new number and remove the other you can also use the web interface self-service system for subscribers of MegaFon "Service Guide". If you have a "Service Guide", please visit the section "call Forwarding and call barring". There you can also set different messages for certain numbers: for example "Unavailable", "Denied", "Wrong number". If you do not use the "Service Guide", you can also activate the service on the official website of "MegaFon", entering the list of services in their region and selecting "blacklist". Enter your phone number and click "Connect". You will receive an SMS to confirm the connection.