To activate this service simply and conveniently, because the operator provides many ways to do this. You can, first, connect the "Black list" by dialing USSD-command *130# and also through the call to the information and referral service in room 5130. Upon receipt of your request the operator will process it (this usually takes only a few minutes), and then sends you almost back two messages. The first one that made a service order, and the second that the service has been successfully activated. Only after that you will get the opportunity to add numbers to black list and delete them.
To place any number in the list is possible by sending USSD-command *130*+79XXXXXXXXX#, SMS with the text "+" and the number of the desired subscriber. By the way, don't forget that room you have to specify a 79xxxxxxxx, otherwise the request will not happen. In that case, if you need to remove one of the numbers, simply dial *130*079XXXXXXXXX# and press the call. It's also possible to send SMS messages containing the "-" sign and phone number.
At any moment the subscribers of "MegaFon" can see those numbers that were listed in the "Black list". To do this, just send a request by dialing *130*3# or send a message containing the text "INF", for 5130. If you want a single action to clear the whole list at once, use the special command *130*6#, and if you want to completely deactivate the service "Black list", type the text "OFF" and send it to number 5130; disabling it is also possible to produce query *130*4#.
Before using the service, you must make sure that funds in your account are sufficient for this. In that case, if the connection happens first time, with the balance written off 15 rubles, and if it happens again, then 10 rubles. Off the "Black list" for free. The use of the service, the operator will be a monthly rent of 10 rubles.