Advice 1: How to save jade

Jade, sometimes called the money tree, in natural conditions, occurring most often in Africa and Madagascar. Like all succulents, this plant is well adapted to the dry climate and the main problems encountered in the cultivation of jade in the home, associated with waterlogged soil and lack of light.
How to save jade
You will need
  • - charcoal;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - drainage;
  • - sand;
  • - ground sheet;
  • loam.
If jade growing on your window, there were spots on the trunk, and the leaves become soft and wrinkled, most likely the plant has started to rot the roots due to excessive moisture of the earth. Stop watering the plant and if it preteena, move it to a more lit place. Best place jade near the Windows facing South or South-East.
If the cessation of irrigation did not affect the plant, you can try to repot the jade. To do this, remove the plant from the pot and inspect the root system. Cut all the rotten roots, dry the slices in the air and sprinkle them with powdered charcoal. Trim off the withered and rotten twigs.
Prepare a new pot for the plant. Can use to transplant the old, pre-washing off and treating it with a strong solution of potassium permanganate. On the bottom of the pot, pour a layer of expanded clay or any drainage thickness of not less than two inches. Put a layer of soil mixture for succulents, or soil composed of equal parts of sand, leaf and sod land. To the soil add charcoal.
Drop the trimmed jade into the new pot and place it on a lighted window.
If it was discovered that the plant has rotted all the roots, you can cut and propagate the remaining shoots. This will separate the most healthy twigs and dry sections on the air for several hours.
Rooted sprigs of jade possible, placing them in the water, poured in an opaque container. You can sprout the cuttings in moist soil consisting of the same number of washed river sand and ground sheet.
If your jade started to fall off the leaves, and the trunk has grown a lot and became thin, the plant is not getting enough light. Put the pot in a more lighted place. If this is not possible, use for additional illumination of the fluorescent lamp. For a more lush crown presidnete the tips of young shoots.
To crassula grow evenly, not peremeshivaete on one side, from time to time turn the pot with the plant.

Advice 2 : How to treat the money tree

Money tree – a plant of the family Crassulaceae, which are very popular in our country. It is unpretentious, beautiful and even is the tree of happiness. According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, this plant brings financial prosperity, attracting money into the house. In addition, the leaves of this tree have medicinal properties. So if jade started to be ill, to wither and fade, it causes anxiety and fears. But proper care of it, you can quickly bring it back to life.
How to treat the money tree
The money tree is considered to be one of the most unpretentious, it is not necessary to spray and no need for frequent watering. Summer watering is recommended once a day or in two days, with the need to ensure that the roots do not rot started, in winter reduce watering to a minimum. Sometimes the cause of the disease money tree is a frequent watering – excess water is harmful for the plants. There is a rotting of the entire root system, from which begins to rot the base of the trunk. This stage is particularly dangerous.
If you notice signs of decay (become limp sheets, they were wet brown spots), stop watering the tree. Try to pull it gently from the pot, removing the high ground. Cut all the rotten roots and leave the tree with a small amount of earth on the roots to dry. When all the earth is dry, put it back and water it less frequently. Before watering, check the dryness of the earth. To do this, dip your finger in the ground – if the ground is already dried out to a depth of one phalanx of a finger, you can pour a little. The lack of irrigation leads to the appearance of dry brown spots on the leaves.
If the money tree is sick, he might need feeding. This is especially important if a large plant is growing in a small pot, as he quickly exhausted the substrate. Use a complete universal fertilizer, soluble in water, fertilize the plant once a month. Transplant the tree to a larger pot if him closely.
The money tree does not like drafts, so carefully ventilate the room in winter. Make sure that the plant is not on the draft, as this may be the cause of the disease. If the tree wither and fall off the leaves, put it in a windless place, but be sure to ventilate the room. Low temperature jade is well tolerated.
The cause of the disease money tree can become mealybug, affecting the leaves of the plant. Soak in rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab and wipe her leaves. You can buy a special insecticidal preparation and also wipe the leaves to remove parasites. In General, wipe the leaves from dust, but not spray.
Perhaps jade is not enough light, which she loves year round. Put the pot on the window sill, but pricenice a little tree to direct sunlight burned him.
Useful advice
Do not water the money tree too cold water, it may lose leaves.

Advice 3 : Why does jade fall leaves

Crassula (crassula) popularly referred to as money tree, like all members of the genus succulent – undemanding houseplant. For good growth it needs light sandy soil and sparse watering. If jade doesn't like something, she immediately reacts, leaves become wrinkled and the plant is dropping.
Why does jade fall leaves

The reasons for the drop leaf

It is often the excessive efforts of the owners to care for the plant cause it starts to drop leaves. Crassula is a succulent, it needs a rare, but plentiful watering. Summer — once a week, after complete drying earthen coma, in winter, watering should be reduced to once per month. With excessive watering the roots and trunk of the plant start to rot, often to stop this process almost impossible. The only way is to cut the stem and grow a new plant.

Jade tree may begin to drop leaves and the lack of moisture. They become wrinkled, and the plants every day gets rid of a few leaves. The output from this is quite simple — pour a jade tree and presidnete twigs. The plant will produce new shoots and begin to custimise.

Another reason is the insufficient lighting. Jade — a plant light-requiring, but it should keep it from direct sunlight as it can get burned, and, as a consequence, to lose leaves. Pick her a Sunny place and try not to move.

Also jade is very poorly tolerate drafts and temperature changes. However, in the winter the temperature decrease for jade it is advisable to provide her a period of rest. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce and glaze plants.

The dropping of leaves may be caused by pests. If the surface of the leaves cracked and there was a peculiar mesh that resembles a spider web, this is most often caused by infection jade mealybugs or mites. To cure the plant and rid it of parasites, treat the leaves of jade alcohol (wipe them with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol) or special preparations designed for succulents. Procedures should be performed several times every few days until the complete disappearance of pests.
At the time of treatment the patient get jade away from other plants and dropped leaves immediately discard.

How to grow beautiful and healthy jade

Pick up the small plant pot. The roots of the jade surface, so a large capacity is not needed, otherwise the earth will turn sour, causing the roots and trunk of the plants can rot and you will lose it.

Plant jade in a loose light and breathable soil. Use the prepared substrate for cacti and succulents and mix it with leaf compost at a ratio of 2:1.
Since jade does not like stagnant water, provide good drainage. On the bottom of the pot, pour a layer of expanded clay, gravel or broken brick.

Place the plant in a Sunny place, but keep in mind that jade should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Warm water, soft water (boiled or defended), watering must be frequent, only after drying earthen coma. Winter watering should be reduced to one per month.
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