Advice 1: How to save jade

Jade, sometimes called the money tree, in natural conditions, occurring most often in Africa and Madagascar. Like all succulents, this plant is well adapted to the dry climate and the main problems encountered in the cultivation of jade in the home, associated with waterlogged soil and lack of light.
How to save jade
You will need
  • - charcoal;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - drainage;
  • - sand;
  • - ground sheet;
  • loam.
If jade growing on your window, there were spots on the trunk, and the leaves become soft and wrinkled, most likely the plant has started to rot the roots due to excessive moisture of the earth. Stop watering the plant and if it preteena, move it to a more lit place. Best place jade near the Windows facing South or South-East.
If the cessation of irrigation did not affect the plant, you can try to repot the jade. To do this, remove the plant from the pot and inspect the root system. Cut all the rotten roots, dry the slices in the air and sprinkle them with powdered charcoal. Trim off the withered and rotten twigs.
Prepare a new pot for the plant. Can use to transplant the old, pre-washing off and treating it with a strong solution of potassium permanganate. On the bottom of the pot, pour a layer of expanded clay or any drainage thickness of not less than two inches. Put a layer of soil mixture for succulents, or soil composed of equal parts of sand, leaf and sod land. To the soil add charcoal.
Drop the trimmed jade into the new pot and place it on a lighted window.
If it was discovered that the plant has rotted all the roots, you can cut and propagate the remaining shoots. This will separate the most healthy twigs and dry sections on the air for several hours.
Rooted sprigs of jade possible, placing them in the water, poured in an opaque container. You can sprout the cuttings in moist soil consisting of the same number of washed river sand and ground sheet.
If your jade started to fall off the leaves, and the trunk has grown a lot and became thin, the plant is not getting enough light. Put the pot in a more lighted place. If this is not possible, use for additional illumination of the fluorescent lamp. For a more lush crown presidnete the tips of young shoots.
To crassula grow evenly, not peremeshivaete on one side, from time to time turn the pot with the plant.

Advice 2: How to cut jade

The jade is a houseplant native to South Africa, which is popularly known as "money tree". Like any plant, it will grow there, which has created the suitable environment for its life. It is believed that the higher the money tree, the more wealth is in the family. But sometimes the plant begins to drop its leaves and then ceases to grow and dies. This can happen from improper pruning, and if not from its absence.
How to cut jade
Most important for the successful growth of this wonder tree is to create a balance of water and light, and also to monitor its correct growth. In General the jade – rarely cultivated plant. But, if there is a need to cut some twigs, it is best to do this procedure in a period of increased growth of plants and active SAP flow
Cut jade in cases when the tree grows upwards and not sideways. For better growth of the lateral branches, you must remove the top Bud, which received a large number of nutrients and therefore have developed rapidly. After it is removed will start the development of the lower buds. Of them will soon grow new branches with their kidneys. It is important to keep the top buds were fed uniformly. It is easy to see: if one of the branches grows faster, then she started to get more power. To crown not spoiled, this kidney should be cut off.
In winter, the plant usually stops its growth. Cutting off the top Bud during the winter, the chance of developing new branches will be small. If new shoots come out, due to the lack of light they will be spindly and unattractive.
But if you cut the jade spring, the growth of the kidneys will be uniform, and the plant will be lush.
If your plant does not require a radical haircut, and you just want to tweak him a crown, cut the curved and gnarled branches - cut them to the warp. After some time, the place the crop will become invisible under the fresh shoots that come out soon after trimming.
Thin branches and dead leaves, you should pinch off with your fingernails. After a light cutting on the plant will remain penechki and broken place quickly "heal" and give the progress of the new healthy shoots.

Wooden seats cut with scissors or shears.
In the spring the buds are easier to Wake up and clipped the branches root better.
Useful advice
If you cut the jade in the cold season, the plants create conditions of peace, no weak growth.
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