Crassula is a native of hot countries, and therefore the optimum temperature for growth is 20 - 25 degrees Celsius. But I must say that lower temperatures will not kill this plant in the autumn-winter period indoors can be 10 to 15 degrees, this will not affect the appearance of the crassula. During the heating season so do not confuse jade, it is quite simple to humidity.


Jade is often called the plant for the lazy. Rare watering it shifts much better than too frequent. Even in the absence of moisture for 2 - 3 weeks it will take bravely, so going on vacation during this time, you can not worry about the flower. Abundant watering will return to the succulent still very fast.

In the hot season watering crassula only need when the ground is slightly damp, and in winter watering should be completely dry soil.


The money tree can be propagated by seeds, but this method is not popular because there are more simple variants. You can propagate the plant by cuttings. For this purpose a sheet or escape is cut with a sharp knife and left for a couple of days for drying, and then planted in the ground. Some types of jade at high humidity there are aerial roots, they quickly take root, and take root when propagated in this way.


Crassula like good lighting, but because of its place in the apartment preferably in the South or South-Eastern Windows. In summer the plant can be safely taken on the balcony. If the jade to place in shadows, lack of light its stems will become thinner and elongated, and the leaves may drop.


Jade is unpretentious to the ground. Ready mix for succulents you can buy in the store, and you can prepare yourself by mixing grassy land with sand. Nice to add to the soil pieces of coal. Jade grow well in small bowls and containers. To avoid fungal diseases in the pot must be a drainage layer.

Jade tree does not need fertilizer, but if the soil is quite poor, you can fertilize the plant any fertilizer for succulents, it should be done in summer or spring.