You will need
  • - jade tree;
  • - flower pot;
  • - tweezers;
  • - razor.
Put in flower pot only one process, then we can form a pretty thick trunk. Jade can be stuck directly into the ground without waiting for the roots in the water. The diameter of the pot should be sized to match the crown. This question becomes relevant when the crown reaches the lush sizes. Otherwise crassula will fall over on its side.
Use shallow flower pots. When the roots of the "money tree" is getting crowded, it slows the growth, while the trunk becomes thicker and better stiffens. And because the plant can be transplanted frequently, use this time to strengthen the trunk.
Crassula put on a well-lit place. She loves sunlight, but not direct rays. If the leaves are very red, they came under direct sun. Slightly pricenice plant, while jade is not suffered burns. In summer take the "money tree" in the fresh air. It grows well on the balcony or in the open ground in the country.
Make artificial lighting for crassula winter. If the sill is dark, the plant begins to elongate, the branches will be thin and frail will start to break off under its own weight.
Water the plant gently. Watch carefully so that the trunk at the point of contact with the ground does not rot. In winter, watering should be sparse.
Match crown "money tree". Branch plants though look strong, actually very fragile. Heavy plump leaves and getting at them can break off, if not in time to make the topping.
Make topping when the twig grew four pairs of leaves. Wait until new buds on the twig between the leaves, fingernails or tweezers remove it. The young shoots are easily detached. The branch should start to give the side branches. You may have to be deleted again. A tree can not immediately understand what is required of him.
If you got a very neglected plant with long drooping branches, which need to radically trim the stiff areas, use a razor or thin knife. Just don't damage the edge of the neighboring branches. At this distance will remain stumps. They need to sprinkle the crushed activated carbon.
Pinch crassula at any time of the year when the need arises.