To form a crown must, from the outset, once the process will go on and will reach the desired height. Otherwise branches will grow unevenly, and tree, reaching a significant size, may simply roll over. Plant stalk. Money tree reproduces the most common for indoor plants way. Broken off a sprig, put in the water in which it sets roots. After that she should be locked up. Money tree is unpretentious, grows well in any soil, but loves the water and light.
Decide what height tree you need. It can be quite a small tree with a height of 15-20 cm to make it higher. Remember that even formed Bush will still be slightly higher than the first nipping. Crassula can be formed in single or multiple trunks, but in the second method the crown can become too thick.
When the stem reaches the desired height, simply break off the tip. This is done simply with nails. No additional procedures, like seeding the ashes, in this case not required. Do not expect that the side shoots will start to grow immediately, it will take some time, sometimes several weeks.
Side shoots can be a lot. Let's see what you need. Simply break off the excess. Large crassula on the barrel there are additional buds with them, too, begin to grow shoots. They need to be carefully to break off. Crassula does not require treatment "of wounds". Places where there were broken stems, very quickly overgrown by themselves. It may happen that you have to remove a rather thick branch. It is better to cut with a scalpel or other sharp knife.