Advice 1: How to trim a money tree

The legendary money tree, or as it is called, jade, is one of the most popular and beloved in the nation houseplants. It is very unpretentious to the conditions of detention, does not require any special care, can easily take root and quickly gives shoots. To care for him will even the most inexperienced grower. And yet, money tree, as well as any ornamental plant, needs certain care. In particular, timely pruning and topping.
How to trim a money tree
You will need
  • garden pruner;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - nail clippers.
Pruning is necessary for a plant to form a beautiful rounded crown. In addition, it effectively stimulates the growth of young shoots. However, it should be done properly and in a certain period of time, otherwise you may damage the flower. Pruning technique depends on the age and condition of the plant.
Young money tree is not cut, but pinch. Topping can slow its rapid growth in height and encourages the development of lateral shoots. Pinch jade need in the following way: pull the upper part of the main shoot and examine it carefully. Among the top rosettes of leaves you will see the growth point is a small Bud located at the top of the stalk. It unfolds the new young leaves, and escape on the sky high.
Carefully take this kidney the nails so as not to offend while surrounding leaves. Can be used as a tool of the scissors. If you pinch out the plant with your fingers first grasp nails for the kidney and tsepinite its twisting motion. After a while you will notice that the flower awoke and went into the growth of lateral buds, located below the barrel.
If the plant has several strong side shoots, and you want to form a rounded crown, and you have pinched together and the buds of growth on the tops of side shoots. As a result, they will increasingly grow outwards, releasing more leaves along the whole length of the stalk.
To give a nice neat shape Mature plants will need a pruning. To make it better garden shears or a sharp steel knife. Before you start cutting, look at the plant from a distance and imagine how it should look in the result, which branches seem particularly superfluous. Then start to trim the top shoots and side branches, giving the crown a form of a ball. Try to cut took place a half-inch above dormant buds. Then cropping will have a stimulating effect, and the plant will start to grow more actively.
It is advisable to follow a certain sequence of pruning depending on the breed and condition of the plantings. Pruning Apple trees, as more resistant to adverse environmental conditions, it is possible to start and finish this work. Trees planted in the previous autumn, should be cut before the SAP flow.
Useful advice
Pruning fruit trees – is primarily creativity, you decide what will be your garden, there are many recommended forms but must first consider the varietal feature of the wood and the climatic conditions of your region.

Advice 2: How to trim nails

Someone's nails are long by nature and grow well, and someone - on the contrary. Some people already Bob off long enough nailsso they don't interfere with daily activities, while others have barely regrown to cut the nailsbecause it looks ugly. Nails is not enough just to cut. They need to be cut properly so they did not break and did not lolis.
How to trim nails
First, understand that the usual scissors , the nails can not be cropped in any case. The fact that after obstrigli nail scissors (no matter how advanced they may be) cracks. And this is a sure way to splitting nails. If you to this day Bob off the nails using scissors, cut the thing – it won't lead to anything good.
It is best to use clippers and a nail file. It is desirable (but not required) to get the wire cutters on the width of your nails. Moreover, these two tools can pretty well combine. You can simply prepare your nails with a nail file or use clippers, then file for giving nails a smooth, rounded shape.
Wire cutter is a special device, which is quite convenient to cut nails. The clippers may have different widths, so that you have the opportunity to pick up the instrument individually. However, the clippers still need to be able to use it. Not obligate the nail entirely. Depending on the shape of the nail, you can grab a first lateral side and then the middle or just the middle. Just do not overdo it with the grip to the nail not the crack went or he did not break from the pressure.
The blade is also better to choose individually. If you take too rough a nail file, you also risk over time, to stratify nails. Working with abrasive saws, remember that they can be cut only in one direction. The best nail files are those that are made of glass. They prefer to use the master of manicure cases.
The length of the nail should first be cut with cutters, and then make sawdust. If the length of the nail is small, you can use only one blade.

Advice 3: How to pinch off the money tree

Many believe that crassula, aka jade, aka money tree – brings home wealth and good luck. But even if this is not so, crassula can be a great decoration of the interior. Of course, it should be well-groomed and well-formed.
Branches crassula need to grow evenly
To form a crown must, from the outset, once the process will go on and will reach the desired height. Otherwise branches will grow unevenly, and tree, reaching a significant size, may simply roll over. Plant stalk. Money tree reproduces the most common for indoor plants way. Broken off a sprig, put in the water in which it sets roots. After that she should be locked up. Money tree is unpretentious, grows well in any soil, but loves the water and light.
Decide what height tree you need. It can be quite a small tree with a height of 15-20 cm to make it higher. Remember that even formed Bush will still be slightly higher than the first nipping. Crassula can be formed in single or multiple trunks, but in the second method the crown can become too thick.
When the stem reaches the desired height, simply break off the tip. This is done simply with nails. No additional procedures, like seeding the ashes, in this case not required. Do not expect that the side shoots will start to grow immediately, it will take some time, sometimes several weeks.
Side shoots can be a lot. Let's see what you need. Simply break off the excess. Large crassula on the barrel there are additional buds with them, too, begin to grow shoots. They need to be carefully to break off. Crassula does not require treatment "of wounds". Places where there were broken stems, very quickly overgrown by themselves. It may happen that you have to remove a rather thick branch. It is better to cut with a scalpel or other sharp knife.
Useful advice
Jade loves the light and the water, but it should be a period of relative calm. In winter, watering it 1-2 times a week.

Advice 4: How to create a money tree

Jade or crassula called "money tree". Its leaflets are shaped like coins. There is a belief that if you bury at the bottom of earthen clod of the plant the coin, then good luck and wealth will accompany the person caring for jade. Can you believe this or not believe it, but if there is extra metal coin came time to transplant, put a coin in the pot. From the "money tree" best form namely wood, not green thickets. Giving a beautiful shape jade, consider the size of the pot, control the size of the branches, watering and lighting.
How to create a money tree
You will need
  • - jade tree;
  • - flower pot;
  • - tweezers;
  • - razor.
Put in flower pot only one process, then we can form a pretty thick trunk. Jade can be stuck directly into the ground without waiting for the roots in the water. The diameter of the pot should be sized to match the crown. This question becomes relevant when the crown reaches the lush sizes. Otherwise crassula will fall over on its side.
Use shallow flower pots. When the roots of the "money tree" is getting crowded, it slows the growth, while the trunk becomes thicker and better stiffens. And because the plant can be transplanted frequently, use this time to strengthen the trunk.
Crassula put on a well-lit place. She loves sunlight, but not direct rays. If the leaves are very red, they came under direct sun. Slightly pricenice plant, while jade is not suffered burns. In summer take the "money tree" in the fresh air. It grows well on the balcony or in the open ground in the country.
Make artificial lighting for crassula winter. If the sill is dark, the plant begins to elongate, the branches will be thin and frail will start to break off under its own weight.
Water the plant gently. Watch carefully so that the trunk at the point of contact with the ground does not rot. In winter, watering should be sparse.
Match crown "money tree". Branch plants though look strong, actually very fragile. Heavy plump leaves and getting at them can break off, if not in time to make the topping.
Make topping when the twig grew four pairs of leaves. Wait until new buds on the twig between the leaves, fingernails or tweezers remove it. The young shoots are easily detached. The branch should start to give the side branches. You may have to be deleted again. A tree can not immediately understand what is required of him.
If you got a very neglected plant with long drooping branches, which need to radically trim the stiff areas, use a razor or thin knife. Just don't damage the edge of the neighboring branches. At this distance will remain stumps. They need to sprinkle the crushed activated carbon.
Pinch crassula at any time of the year when the need arises.

Advice 5: How to cut jade

The jade is a houseplant native to South Africa, which is popularly known as "money tree". Like any plant, it will grow there, which has created the suitable environment for its life. It is believed that the higher the money tree, the more wealth is in the family. But sometimes the plant begins to drop its leaves and then ceases to grow and dies. This can happen from improper pruning, and if not from its absence.
How to cut jade
Most important for the successful growth of this wonder tree is to create a balance of water and light, and also to monitor its correct growth. In General the jade – rarely cultivated plant. But, if there is a need to cut some twigs, it is best to do this procedure in a period of increased growth of plants and active SAP flow
Cut jade in cases when the tree grows upwards and not sideways. For better growth of the lateral branches, you must remove the top Bud, which received a large number of nutrients and therefore have developed rapidly. After it is removed will start the development of the lower buds. Of them will soon grow new branches with their kidneys. It is important to keep the top buds were fed uniformly. It is easy to see: if one of the branches grows faster, then she started to get more power. To crown not spoiled, this kidney should be cut off.
In winter, the plant usually stops its growth. Cutting off the top Bud during the winter, the chance of developing new branches will be small. If new shoots come out, due to the lack of light they will be spindly and unattractive.
But if you cut the jade spring, the growth of the kidneys will be uniform, and the plant will be lush.
If your plant does not require a radical haircut, and you just want to tweak him a crown, cut the curved and gnarled branches - cut them to the warp. After some time, the place the crop will become invisible under the fresh shoots that come out soon after trimming.
Thin branches and dead leaves, you should pinch off with your fingernails. After a light cutting on the plant will remain penechki and broken place quickly "heal" and give the progress of the new healthy shoots.

Wooden seats cut with scissors or shears.
In the spring the buds are easier to Wake up and clipped the branches root better.
Useful advice
If you cut the jade in the cold season, the plants create conditions of peace, no weak growth.

Advice 6: How to shape a crown money tree

Small tree with a beautiful crown coins – leaves will decorate any interior. If you do not care about the formation of the crown money tree, the plant will stretch, become ugly and untidy. Branches will be heavy, and later break under the weight of succulent leaves.
How to shape a crown money tree

To begin to form a crown you need to immediately after the plant will take root and begin to grow actively. Pot money tree must be the same size as that in the future the plant roots kept the tree itself. A small pot will quickly fill with roots, and hence the tree trunk before will start to stiffen.

For proper formation of the crown of the trees should start to pinch after four pairs of leaves on the stalk. Fifth a kidney removed, cut processed activated charcoal or ash. Instead of this the kidneys have to get two new kidneys. So begins branching. If instead you cut the buds went out again one, then repeat the procedure with the topping.

For a nice crown is important good lighting in the room. Money tree loves the sun, but not direct sunlight, they can burn the plant. If the leaves become red, it is necessary to make a shade tree.

A pot of money tree must be periodically rotated, to crown was the same on all sides.

The branches of money trees are very fragile, so need time to pinch off excess parts of the plant. If this is not done, the tree is very much branched, and the branches will begin to break down.

If your tree initially incorrectly divided, then it is necessary to trim these branches to the trunk, leaving a few leaves. Because of branching, the type of "slingshot" in the future will ressuply the barrel in half. These cut shoots can be re-planted.

The young plants a tree trunk covered with leaves. No need to remove them, they will subside themselves with time.

Advice 7: Which tree grows faster than all

In the world of plants, as in the human world, is the fastest and the biggest. Among the trees, which live much longer than man, growth sometimes record on the planet.
Which tree grows faster than all


If you compare deciduous and coniferous, that grow faster, the representatives of the deciduous species. Champions among all the trees for speed of growth can be called the poplar, which, depending on species, can reach up to 2 metres of growth per year. Such speeds can still boast only willow, eucalyptus and acacia.

The fastest growing can be called artificially bred in Ukraine poplar Tropovich, which is able to provide has grown up to 4 meters annually. Besides he quietly overcomes a height of 40 meters and is the highest of fast-growing trees. This is an absolute record among all trees. This species is distributed only in several districts of Kherson region.


Despite the fact that the deciduous trees grow faster than conifers, it is worth noting this kind of as seeking to keep pace with its competitors, among the hardwoods. The fastest growing pine tree, larch are recognized, which can give an increase of 1 meter per year. If you consider that active growth is observed only in late spring and early summer, each day the tree increases in height by 2.3 cm When it reaches a height of up to meters, but in the most favorable conditions can grow up to 50 meters.

Trying to keep up with larch and ordinary pine. In the period of active growth of the tree also can give an increase of about a meter per year. Pine begins to grow actively until they reach the age of 5 years. Height that pine can reach, equal to 35-40 meters. This is a good indicator of fast-growing trees.

These trees have a fairly wide distribution. So larch grows in Siberia and the Far East. There grow whole forests of these trees. Pine grows on the territory of the Scandinavian Peninsula and throughout the Central part of Eurasian continent.

Its prevalence these trees are not inferior to the poplars and beyond the acacia and eucalyptus trees. But all these "Champions" are considerably inferior to the one representative of the family of plants which, though not a tree, but very close to it approached.

The main record of the plant world

This record is considered a bamboo that can a day to grow up to 1.25 m. It can't be compared not one plant. A bamboo tree can attain sizes up to 38 meters.
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