You will need
  • garden pruner;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - nail clippers.
Pruning is necessary for a plant to form a beautiful rounded crown. In addition, it effectively stimulates the growth of young shoots. However, it should be done properly and in a certain period of time, otherwise you may damage the flower. Pruning technique depends on the age and condition of the plant.
Young money tree is not cut, but pinch. Topping can slow its rapid growth in height and encourages the development of lateral shoots. Pinch jade need in the following way: pull the upper part of the main shoot and examine it carefully. Among the top rosettes of leaves you will see the growth point is a small Bud located at the top of the stalk. It unfolds the new young leaves, and escape on the sky high.
Carefully take this kidney the nails so as not to offend while surrounding leaves. Can be used as a tool of the scissors. If you pinch out the plant with your fingers first grasp nails for the kidney and tsepinite its twisting motion. After a while you will notice that the flower awoke and went into the growth of lateral buds, located below the barrel.
If the plant has several strong side shoots, and you want to form a rounded crown, and you have pinched together and the buds of growth on the tops of side shoots. As a result, they will increasingly grow outwards, releasing more leaves along the whole length of the stalk.
To give a nice neat shape Mature plants will need a pruning. To make it better garden shears or a sharp steel knife. Before you start cutting, look at the plant from a distance and imagine how it should look in the result, which branches seem particularly superfluous. Then start to trim the top shoots and side branches, giving the crown a form of a ball. Try to cut took place a half-inch above dormant buds. Then cropping will have a stimulating effect, and the plant will start to grow more actively.