The money tree is considered to be one of the most unpretentious, it is not necessary to spray and no need for frequent watering. Summer watering is recommended once a day or in two days, with the need to ensure that the roots do not rot started, in winter reduce watering to a minimum. Sometimes the cause of the disease money tree is a frequent watering – excess water is harmful for the plants. There is a rotting of the entire root system, from which begins to rot the base of the trunk. This stage is particularly dangerous.
If you notice signs of decay (become limp sheets, they were wet brown spots), stop watering the tree. Try to pull it gently from the pot, removing the high ground. Cut all the rotten roots and leave the tree with a small amount of earth on the roots to dry. When all the earth is dry, put it back and water it less frequently. Before watering, check the dryness of the earth. To do this, dip your finger in the ground – if the ground is already dried out to a depth of one phalanx of a finger, you can pour a little. The lack of irrigation leads to the appearance of dry brown spots on the leaves.
If the money tree is sick, he might need feeding. This is especially important if a large plant is growing in a small pot, as he quickly exhausted the substrate. Use a complete universal fertilizer, soluble in water, fertilize the plant once a month. Transplant the tree to a larger pot if him closely.
The money tree does not like drafts, so carefully ventilate the room in winter. Make sure that the plant is not on the draft, as this may be the cause of the disease. If the tree wither and fall off the leaves, put it in a windless place, but be sure to ventilate the room. Low temperature jade is well tolerated.
The cause of the disease money tree can become mealybug, affecting the leaves of the plant. Soak in rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab and wipe her leaves. You can buy a special insecticidal preparation and also wipe the leaves to remove parasites. In General, wipe the leaves from dust, but not spray.
Perhaps jade is not enough light, which she loves year round. Put the pot on the window sill, but pricenice a little tree to direct sunlight burned him.