In order to get jade to bloom, you need proper care. Many simply do not know that this plant should survive the rest, and keep the tree in the window all year round.
Quiet period for jade should last from September to March. During this period, move it to a bright room with a temperature of 10° -12°(can be left on balcony). Water very rarely (enough 1-2 times a month). Do not fertilize anything.
Summer and winter temperature extremes cause the flower buds to Wake up.
In early March, after this cold and hunger, move the plant on the South windowsill, increase watering. After the start of irrigation will be the first buds, and later a small white blossoms. After tree Bud, feed it fertilizer for cacti and succulents.
In summer, the money tree take on an outdoor balcony or on the street. This plant loves fresh air and heat. Just protect it from direct sunlight, from them the plant will get burned.
Money tree is quite undemanding plant. By following these simple rules of care, you'll come back every year to enjoy the unique bloom of this plant.