The money tree is not distinguished by rapid growth, so often it is not transplanted. Do it in the spring. The young plants can handle, preserving the earth coma in the root system once a year, and adults and less frequently – every two years. If the plant still feels good in the old pot, it is better not to touch it.
The root system of the jade branched out wide, so this plant should choose wide pots, the size of which diameter is approximately equal to the diameter of the crown. In a narrow pot, the money tree can slow down and even completely stop.
Choose a soil with a content in equal parts of leaf, peat and loam, and sand. You can sand add to the universal soil for room flowers that you can buy in the store. For more looseness, experts advise to domesitc to this soil brick chips and charcoal birch charcoal. Before you put the soil in a pot, remember to cover the drain hole with a small stone or a clay crock to irrigation it is not clogged.
Transplant with the cleaning of roots from the ground, it is better not to do if the root system is not damaged. If the roots rot from frequent watering, carefully cut them with sharp scissors and leave to dry for a day or two. Then a transplant can continue. The optimal method for transplanting – handling, which helps to avoid plant stress and retains its root system. Maintain a watering and do not fill the tree more than necessary.