You will need
  • - cuttings or leaf;
  • - the ground;
  • - any preparation for a quick formation of roots.
Reproduction cariniipneumonia inspect your jade for the presence of spikes. It is important that the plant was Mature and well established. Cuttings can pinch off only after they reach ten centimetres, shorter is better not to touch, and to give them time to get stronger.
To root cuttings in water or planting in the ground. For greater effect, a little dry existing process, leaving him at some time in the shade. Then place it in a small container half-filled with boiled water. Ensure that the leaves do not fall to direct sunlight. After two or three weeks will see the first roots. This means that the plant can be planted in a pot.
For rooting in the soil in advance, prepare the soil in which you plant process. The land is best used mixed with sand on the bottom of the pot must be drainage. Make a small depression in the ground, carefully place the bone and sprinkle it, but not utrambovyvaya, as the soil should remain slightly loose. Do not fill the plant, otherwise the stem will begin to rot. Watering is recommended as the drying earthen coma. During the period of rooting, try to ensure that the jade quiet and not to move it from place to place.
Reproduction littlemelissa just survive limp leaves. For this reason, in the beginning, leave the leaf for a day protected from the sun place, and then proceed to rooting. Dip the leaf in a vial of water, ensure that the lower portion was immersed in water at 0.5 cm Optionally, add any drug that will promote rapid root formation. Capacity leave in a bright and warm place until the appearance of roots.
To root the leaf in the soil, pricopie its lower part in the ground at a shallow depth. Carefully check the condition of the soil and avoid excess moisture, otherwise, it can cause decay. If you want you can make a small greenhouse by covering the plant with plastic and ordinary glass. Several times a day open created the greenhouse, a little to ventilate the soil and the plant.