Water the plants as the drying earthen coma. In the summer it should be done every two or three days. Gently feel along the ground in a pot, if it is still moist, then watering is not necessary if the land has dried out – then pour her a small amount of water.
Do not water the money tree too often in the autumn. At this time, enough to water once or twice a week. It is necessary gradually to prepare the plant for dormancy. In winter, jade is recommended to water less often, rather than once in two or three weeks.
Avoid Bay plants. Abundant watering promotes rapid root rot and leaf drop. So that water freely flowed into the tray, make sure that at the bottom of the pot was a small hole, and lay on the bottom smooth layer of drainage. This will allow the flow of water does not stagnate.
Do not water the jade water. Draw water a few days before watering and leave in bottles for a day for it to settle.
Do not forget from time to time to wipe and spray the leaves of the jade from the bottle. The perfect option to give your tree a warm shower. In summer, carry out this procedure once a week and in winter once a month. To do this, bring the plant in the tub, turn on shower and adjust water temperature. It should not be too hot, but should not be cold. Make sure that the water falling on the leaves and trunks of plants, but were not included in the pot on the ground. For this ground can be covered with ordinary plastic wrap. Don't get wet, the plant immediately in its place, and let the water drain a little.
Do not put your plant under direct sunlight. The sun dries the top layer of soil, but misses to the bottom, with the result that you think the earth dry, and water jade, water accumulates near the roots and begins to foster their partial, and sometimes complete decay.