To begin to form a crown you need to immediately after the plant will take root and begin to grow actively. Pot money tree must be the same size as that in the future the plant roots kept the tree itself. A small pot will quickly fill with roots, and hence the tree trunk before will start to stiffen.

For proper formation of the crown of the trees should start to pinch after four pairs of leaves on the stalk. Fifth a kidney removed, cut processed activated charcoal or ash. Instead of this the kidneys have to get two new kidneys. So begins branching. If instead you cut the buds went out again one, then repeat the procedure with the topping.

For a nice crown is important good lighting in the room. Money tree loves the sun, but not direct sunlight, they can burn the plant. If the leaves become red, it is necessary to make a shade tree.

A pot of money tree must be periodically rotated, to crown was the same on all sides.

The branches of money trees are very fragile, so need time to pinch off excess parts of the plant. If this is not done, the tree is very much branched, and the branches will begin to break down.

If your tree initially incorrectly divided, then it is necessary to trim these branches to the trunk, leaving a few leaves. Because of branching, the type of "slingshot" in the future will ressuply the barrel in half. These cut shoots can be re-planted.

The young plants a tree trunk covered with leaves. No need to remove them, they will subside themselves with time.