Jade – fairly undemanding plant, has an interesting appearance. To bring prosperity to the house can only be a healthy plant, so to care for a "money tree" must be carefully.

Planting the "money tree" and care for him

Crassula propagated by shoots or cuttings, which need to hold for several days in water in order to see the roots. Little sprout is possible to create a favorable climate, having covered with its glass cover.

Soil bearberry prefers versatile and slightly dried. If you prepare the ground themselves, mix in the turf and leaf soil and add some compost or coarse sand. Pot take a deep and heavy. Before you fill the earth, fill the pot one-quarter expanded clay or small pebbles.

Bearberry watered as the drying of the earth, but not preobragenia the soil, because of this rotting of its roots. Water for irrigation need to defend at least a day. Spray the plant is not necessarily enough to ventilate the room and wipe the dust from leaves.

To feed the "money tree" have once a month during active growth from April to September. The first feeding after transplantation is recommended after 2 weeks when the plant will take root. Use liquid feeding on a mineral basis and make them only in damp soil.

In the heat of the "money tree" needs to be hidden from direct sunlight, as on its leaves appear burned easily. For uniform growth, crown bearberry is recommended to turn to light different sides.

In the period from September to March crassula required rest period. Put your money tree in a cool place and almost no watering. Once in 2-3 years the "money tree" needs a transplant to a larger pot. Do it best in spring.

How to avoid diseases jade

About the excess moisture signal fades and wrinkled leaves "money tree". In the cold season, excessive irrigation leads to build-up and strong stretching of the trunk.

The appearance of root rot is another symptom of excessive watering. In this case, the plant should be dug, to clean away the rotten parts and transplant into a new pot with clean soil.

If a tree is pulled up too hard – it is not enough light. Reset, darkened and lost luster leaves indicate insufficient watering or too cold water.

Damage fungal infection on the leaves of bearberry brown spots appear. If this happened with your "money tree" - treat it antifungal and ventilate the room frequently.