The Russian passport is valid only on the territory of our country. In order to be able to "identify" abroad must obtain a passport. It's not too difficult, but rather tedious procedure. To let you over the border, the staff of the OVIR will need to ensure that you do not judge, do not have access to state secrets and have enough money on account to go on a trip.In 2010, the opportunity to submit documents on registration of passports through the Internet, which has simplified life for those who want to leave for the border.
Once the passport is received, you will be able to plan a trip. To visit most of the countries, the citizen of the Russian Federation a visa is required. The list of countries that are willing to take citizens without a visa can be found on special websites.Your visa can be found on the website of the Embassy of the country you intend to visit. Requirements may vary slightly, but the General rules are: payment of consular fees, filling out questionnaires, providing documents that have information about your place of work, wage, confirmed hotel reservation and copies of tickets).All these documents are needed in order to confirm that in a foreign country you will enter a certain time, not going illegally to live and work.
After the passport with the coveted stamp was in your hands, you can go back home and happy to collect the bags. All the fun ahead.